Lithuanian Sports University


Lithuanian Sports University (LSU) is proud to be the only specialized university in Lithuania, which has been uniting Movement and Sports Science for over eight decades.

Studies in sports and related areas are gaining popularity, at the same time opening new opportunities for successful graduates. There will be a continuous rise in the need for professionals assisting those who strive for healthy, active, and long life.

Therefore, you can succeed in life along with LSU, where studies, sports science, and practice are interconnected. Exceptional attention to every international student, science-based studies, and a sports-loving community will provide knowledge and interesting experience every day. Make the right choice and it will help you to implement your goals and become exceptional.

Among the LSU graduates, there are many distinguished scientists, world-renowned coaches, famous athletes, and prominent public figures.

A great number of LSU students and graduates have become champions and prize-winners of the Olympic Games, and World, and European championships.

Facts about LSU: 

  • One of the leading sports science institutions in the Baltic Sea region.
  • The promoter of sports traditions and values of healthy active living since 1934. 
  • University with a strong focus on sport, physical activity, rehabilitation, and active leisure. 
  • Close partnership with different local and national public, private and non-governmental organisations.
  • Academic exchange with over 90 Universities and higher education institutions abroad.
  • Among LSU students and alumni, world-renowned coaches, famous athletes, champions, and prize-winners of the Olympic Games, World and European championships.
  • In the latest Shanghai Ranking’s Global Ranking of Sport Science Schools and Departments, the Lithuanian Sports University (LSU) took a high and so far the best – 123rd place.
  • Sports coaching study program is not only the most popular at LSU, but also one of the most attractive in Lithuania – according to LAMA BPO data, this study program ranks seventh among the most popular study programs in the country. 

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