Tuition Fees

Tuition fees at Higher Education institutions in Lithuania vary depending on each university, specific study programme and the academic stage the student is at. On average, the studies in Lithuania cost:

  • from 1.300 EUR per year for Bachelor studies;
  • from 2.300 EUR per year for Master studies;
  • from 8.400 EUR per year for PhD studies.

Do you need extra funding for your studies?

Here are some options:

<strong>State Scholarships</strong>
Look for Lithuanian state scholarship possibilities at WWW.STUDYIN.LT/SCHOLARSHIPS. In most cases scholarships cover both tuition fee and living expenses.

<strong>University Grants</strong>
Universities sometimes provide individual grants to students based on their academic achievements and needs.

<strong>Please Note That:</strong>
  • Citizens of the European Union are eligible to apply for state funded places
  • Citizens of several selected non-EU countries are eligible to apply for scholarships for the full-time Master degree studies
  • International students, including non-EU students, are eligible to apply for state funded PhD studies