ALYTAUS KOLEGIJA University of Applied Sciences

ALYTAUS KOLEGIJA University of Applied Sciences has a long history of development and it is focused on practical aspects of higher education and training of highly qualified specialists for the changing society, meeting the needs of labour market.

The institution provides nationally and internationally accredited higher education study programmes, offering Professional Bachelor’s degree. 11 study programmes, 5 of them – in the English language, with excellent standards of studies seek to integrate international, intercultural and global dimensions and demonstrate the commitment of ALYTAUS KOLEGIJA University of Applied Sciences to its mission. The study programmes have been developed and new specialists are trained in the fields of Informatics Engineering, Building Engineering, Transport Engineering, Food Technologies, Nursing and Midwifery, Business, Management, Finance, Accounting.

Why ALYTAUS KOLEGIJA University of Applied Sciences?

  • Flexible and practically focused studies, internationalized curriculum;
  • Broad and rich range and content of courses;
  • International applied research cooperation and networking;
  • Professional integration and career prospects, being competitive in global market;
  • Trust of companies offering placements and jobs, know-how establishing own businesses;
  • Personal attitude to each student;
  • Diploma Supplement Label recognised all over the world;
  • Mobility under Erasmus+ programme pursuing for international experience and understanding;
  • International study environment;
  • International visiting staff;
  • Excellent accommodation facilities.

“Attractive study environment, staff competences, relations with social partners altogether educate a good specialist. We are glad that this harmony at ALYTAUS KOLEGIJA University of Applied Sciences is efficient,”- social partners assess the solid experience of this institution of higher education.