May 2, 2023

KTU student from Azerbaijan: Lithuanians are more reserved

“I have always been interested in the connection between food and health, and how what we eat can impact our bodies and wellbeing,” says Narmin Babayeva from Azerbaijan, studying Food Science and Nutrition at KTU. While hard-working and focused, Narmin always makes sure that she has time to pursue her hobbies, as they are very important for her overall happiness.

While looking for a master’s abroad, Narmin considered different universities in Europe. Ultimately, the motivated student chose Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) for its outstanding reputation in the engineering and technology field.

“I was specifically drawn to the Food Science and Nutrition programme, which is well-regarded both in Lithuania and beyond. I did consider other universities in Lithuania, but KTU seemed like the best fit because of its academic offerings and the quality of its faculty. In comparison to other European universities, I found that KTU offered the best balance between affordability and academic excellence,” says Babayeva.

KTU student from Azerbaijan is studying with a full scholarship from the Lithuanian state for which she is very grateful – the financial support allows Narmin to enjoy living in Kaunas and makes it easier to pursue her goals.

KTU student Narmin Babayeva from Azerbaijan

Hands-on experience and supportive staff

After obtaining a bachelor’s in food engineering back home, Narmin looked for a master’s degree, in which she could further deepen her knowledge of nutritional chemistry.  Narmin felt that MSc Food Science and Nutrition was the perfect path to explore this interest further, as the programme offers a unique combination of scientific and practical training.

According to Babayeva, KTU has provided her with a strong foundational knowledge of the scientific principles behind food production, as well as practical skills in the laboratory and beyond.

“The study programme is very hands-on, which I appreciate as it allows me to apply what I learn in class to real-life situations. The faculty and staff are also very supportive and always available to answer questions or provide guidance,” says MSc Food Science and Nutrition student from Azerbaijan.

Compared to her previous studies, the KTU syllabus is more practical and focused, there are many more hands-on learning opportunities. Also, the student from Azerbaijan appreciates the supportive and collaborative atmosphere in the classroom. At the moment, Narmin is on Erasmus+ study exchange at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), thankful for another possibility provided by KTU.

“DTU’s curriculum system is quite different from that of my home university, and KTU. In particular, DTU places a greater emphasis on conducting research and creating our ideas and pitches rather than learning about others’ inventions and thoughts,” says Babayeva, convinced that all skills and knowledge gained will be particularly valuable for her future career in the food industry.

Lithuanians and Azerbaijani – similar and different

While hardworking and career-focused, Narmin never forgets that there is more to life than studies: “I make sure to prioritise my hobbies and find time to pursue them, as I believe they are important for my overall well-being and happiness.”

She says she liked Kaunas from the very beginning, she felt that the city had a character. The longer she lived here, the fonder she grew about Kaunas’ beauty and history. In her free time, Narmin loves reading, going for long walks and trying out new restaurants and cafes.

“I appreciate the affordability of living in Lithuania, as this has allowed me to enjoy my time here without worrying too much about finances,” says Narmin with a smile.

KTU student from Azerbaijan loves the richness of Lithuanian history and culture; she learned more about this while living here. Also, Narmin believes that Lithuanians and Azerbaijani have some similarities – we even like similar foods!

“However, there are also some differences, particularly in terms of social norms and customs. For example, I have found that Lithuanians tend to be more reserved and private than what I am used to,” says Babayeva.

KTU student Narmin Babayeva from Azerbaijan

Recommends travelling for studies to everyone

As the flights to Azerbaijan tend to be quite expensive and time-consuming, Narmin does not go back home too often – instead, she stays in touch with her family and friends via the Internet.

The study programme is very hands-on, which I appreciate as it allows me to apply what I learn in class to real-life situations. The faculty and staff are also very supportive.

“One of the things I miss most from home is the food! While I appreciate Lithuanian cuisine, there are some dishes from my home country that I miss,” says MSc Food Science and Nutrition student.

However, Babayeva says travelling to Kaunas for her studies was worth it – she had the opportunity to get to know a country that has a rich history and culture. At the university, she got access to top-notch facilities that helped her grow both academically and personally.

“Overall, I would recommend travelling for studies to my friends. It’s a great way to broaden your horizons, learn about different cultures, and gain valuable life experiences that you can carry with you throughout your life,” says Narmin from Azerbaijan, studying master’s at KTU.

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