October 24, 2023

Choosing in Global World: United States Universities or Vilnius University?

In 2022, the Global Marketing programme at Vilnius University’s (VU) Faculty of Economics and Business Administration received acclaim as Lithuania’s leading marketing programme. This curriculum places a strong emphasis on both traditional and digital marketing, equipping students to assess business opportunities and thrive in today’s interconnected global society. Global marketing cultivates specialists skilled in analysing markets, devising marketing plans, executing campaigns, and managing logistics, both locally and in a cross-cultural context.

David Jordan Guerra, a current student of Global Marketing from the United States, has chosen to share his insights into the study programme from an international student’s perspective.

David Jordan Guerra, a VU student of Global Marketing from the United States

Can you tell where are you from and what brought you to Vilnius?

I was born and raised in Austin, Texas USA. I am currently a Global Marketing at VU. I came to study here two years ago and since then I’ve been very happy about my decision. Not going to lie, we have very polar cultures and understanding of several things, but I was very excited to come to learn things from another perspective.

You mentioned about how different our cultures are. Are there lots of differences in education methods?

One of the most noticeable differences between education in the United States and at VU lies in the balance between theoretical and practical education. In the United States, the emphasis tends to be more on theoretical knowledge, with students delving into comprehensive academic subjects. In contrast, VU places a strong emphasis on practical applications and real-world skills. This means that students at VU often have more opportunities to engage in hands-on learning experiences, which can better prepare them for the demands of the professional world.

VU sets itself apart by fostering a direct connection between academia and the professional realm. Professors at VU are actively engaged in their respective fields, often maintaining close ties to their professions. This is in stark contrast to the US, where some professors may have been detached from real-world professional experiences for an extended period. In fields like marketing and economics, for example, VU professors regularly apply their knowledge in practical scenarios, enabling them to provide students with relevant, up-to-date insights.

How do you personally feel about these differences now?

Lithuania, and VU in particular, has emerged as an open field for new ideas and innovations, especially in the realm of business and startups. Unlike the United States, where established structures often dominate the business landscape, Lithuania’s environment encourages the cultivation of novel concepts and entrepreneurial ventures. This enables students at VU to explore uncharted territories, experiment with fresh ideas, and contribute to the growth of the nation’s economy.

VU boasts a faculty that is comparatively younger in age, reflecting a concerted effort to align with contemporary trends and paradigms. This is a contrast to some United States institutions, where the academic community can sometimes lean towards more established, traditional methods. Younger professors at VU tend to be more adaptable to evolving educational approaches, enabling them to better address the needs and preferences of modern students. Their successes are often indicative of their ability to stay in tune with the latest developments in their fields.

While the United States and Lithuania’s VU both offer valuable educational experiences, their approaches diverge in several significant ways. VU’s focus on practical education, engaged professors with real-world experience, innovation culture, and a younger, trend-savvy faculty creates a unique and vibrant academic environment. Recognizing these distinctions provides students with the opportunity to choose an education that aligns with their individual learning preferences and aspirations.

Has D. J. Guerra’s story sparked your interest in visiting Lithuania or exploring the study field of Global Marketing? Consider the prospect of studying in a multicultural environment to broaden your horizons. Just like D. J. Guerra, you can gain knowledge not only from your coursework but also from the diverse perspectives and study methods of your international peers. Join VU’s international community.

Source – Vilnius University (VU)