February 27, 2024

Fresh out of KTU: Ukrainian Iryna roaming oceans and ideas

A master’s degree in law and more than 10 years of experience as an investigator, prosecutor, and attorney ensured Ukrainian Iryna Bielotska an experienced professional status and a successful career. However, that was not enough for Iryna, who soon realized that getting too deep into one narrow area was not allowing her to see the bigger picture. That was when she decided to expand her knowledge in the field of political sciences.

“I have always had a desire to expand my general knowledge to better understand the current political environment on the global stage, the associated risks and challenges. After the start of a full-scale war in Ukraine, this need became more urgent,” explains Iryna Bielotska, talking about her decision in more detail.

Iryna Bielotska, KTU's Ukrainian student

Now, a graduate of the Public Policy and Security master’s program at Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) confirms that her expectations were fully met.

Recalling the whole period of her studies, Iryna highlights an innovative approach to studies and learning.

Systematically receiving information, not just about facts and events, helped her acquire new useful skills and find non-standard solutions in practical cases.

“I studied the history of Europe in a new context, became acquainted with the legislative system of the European Union, and participated in simulations of resolving geopolitical conflicts. I learned to analyze risks and create communication strategies,” says Iryna.

KTU student from Ukraine also remembers being pleasantly surprised by the full support and care of the university community during her studies: all books, equipment, technology, and even access to the gym and game rooms were free of charge, while the KTU staff was always ready to provide information and advice on any issues.

Iryna Bielotska, KTU's Ukrainian student

She explains that this kind of attitude towards students not only saved her money but also provided additional comfort and ensured smooth integration into society.

Furthermore, enhanced learning mobility opportunities at KTU attracted Iryna’s attention and encouraged by the positive feedback, she decided to take part in the proposed activities.

“This allowed me not only to study in Portugal but also to travel around Europe for a month. I visited the Azores, where I swam in the ocean with dolphins, and watched whales and volcanic geysers. Such moments definitely make student life brighter,” believes Iryna Bielotska.

As for the future, Iryna shares that she won the “Student Research for Semester” competition and received funding for a scientific research project on the integration of immigrants in the Lithuanian legal system, specifically on the challenges facing Ukrainian citizens and strategies for solving them, and will be staying in Lithuania until April.

Iryna is then considering pursuing a PhD or looking for opportunities in European Union institutions. But at the same time, homesickness tempts her to return to Kyiv and spend time with her family.

“It was my family that supported and continues to support me throughout my academic and life paths,” says fresh-out-of-university KTU alumni.

For everyone feeling uncertain about their future, Iryna reassures them that with the right mindset, everything is possible.

“Previously, studying at a European university seemed unrealistic to me. Now I understand that everything is in our hands. I would like as many people as possible from Ukraine and other countries to learn about this and believe in themselves,” encourages Iryna.

Source – Kaunas University of Technology (KTU)