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Doctoral studies @ Lithuanian University of Health Sciences PhD
31 Jan Application deadline
1 Sep Start date
4 years Study duration full-time
16000€ Tuition fee for Eu citizens

Programme overview

The aim of the doctoral program at the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (LSMU) is to train scientists of the highest competence in the fields of natural, medical and health and agricultural sciences, to carry out scientific research aimed at improving the health of people and animals, analysing the pathogenesis of pathological processes, the causes of diseases, their prevention, and developing science-based methods of treatment and rehabilitation and applied to preserve and enhance human and animal health and welfare.

Institute of Animal Science is offering a topic for the research at LSMU:

Studies on the effects of biologically active substances on the reproductive performance of rams

Reproductive efficiency is one of the key factors determining profitability in animal husbandry. Artificial insemination is an essential method for animal production industry, enabling the introduction of valuable reproductive and productive genetic backgrounds into breeding programs and the efficient use of the most genetically valuable rams. However, insemination with frozen-thawed sperm is not widely used in sheep breeding due to reduced pregnancy rate and more sophisticated insemination methods. The high sensitivity of ram sperm to cryopreservation reduces their survival and transport in the female reproductive tract highlighting the need for improved semen quality, cryosurvival and freezing methods in this species. The aim of the research is to investigate the effect of various biologically active substances on the productive and reproductive properties of rams and to evaluate the changes in sperm cryofreezability.

Admission Requirements

Main selection criteria:

  • compliance of the doctoral application with the development goals of the faculty or research institute;
  • academic level of the doctoral application;
  • the results of completing master’s or equivalent higher education qualification studies;
  • published scientific articles or papers if there are no published peer-reviewed scientific articles;
  • understanding and motivation of the scientific problems of the field of science to be entered;
  • compliance of scientific research with the strategic fields of the University’s development.

The applicant submits the following documents to the Science Centre:

1. Request to participate in the selection addressed to the Rector;
2. Curriculum Vitae;
3. Recommendations of two scientists (the head of the department where the applicant wishes to study and the expected doctoral supervisor);
4. A copy of a master’s degree or equivalent higher education qualification diploma;
5. Copies of the diploma appendix/appendices (a copy of the academic certificate);
6. A copy of the specialised medical practice license (for those entering clinical departments);
7. Bibliography list (to be approved by the responsible LSMU library employee) and copies of scientific articles. If no scientific articles have been published – an academic paper reflecting the focus of scientific and work activities (the topic of the paper is proposed by the department that requested a doctoral position). The paper in the recommendation is evaluated by the expected doctoral supervisor with points in a ten-point system);
8. Copies of the document certifying the change of surname;
9. A copy of the receipt for the entrance fee (40 Eur).

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