Lithuania Business University of Applied Sciences


Lithuania Business University of Applied Sciences (LBUAS) started its activities in 1994. It is a modern open to society and integrating into the education system of Lithuania and Europe higher no university education institution, which’s all the activities are oriented to profesional studies. It creates conditions for getting higher education and professional education. LBUAS offers of higher non-university education ensuring a possibility to get general and professional competency.

LBUAS is taking an active part in international programs and projects. European Committee has empowered LBUAS to participate in Erasmus students and teachers mobility program in 2007-2013. LBUAS has a lot of partners’ institutions in Europe. LBUAS is a member of Lithuania business employer confederation, Lithuania Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Crafts association, Quality management and etc.

LBUAS is settled in Klaipeda old town. Students have possibility to study in full-time and part-time studies. LBUAS is well equipped with modern teaching facilities as multimedia projectors, computers and etc. All students can use the library, computer reading room, copying and printing services on they convenient time. LBUAS creates good conditions for receiving teaching literature and the latest publications..

Study conditions

Duration of undergraduate studies are 3 years (180 credits). Unit of a study volume is academic (study) credit. One credit equals 30 hours of study time. 30 hours include classroom work and time used for independent work. One credit eguals one 30-hour workweek. One semester consists of 20 weeks (16 weeks of lecturing session and 4 weeks of examination session) thus student’s workload per semester makes up 20 credits.
Academic year consists of two – autumn and spring – semesters. Each semester ends with an examination session. Academic year starts September 1st.

Lithuanian Business University of Applied Sciences invites you to choose online courses. Learn and improve yourself where you are! You can freely choose which modules you want to listen to and their number. After listening to the module and passing its exam, an academic certificate confirming this will be issued. You will be able to submit your academic certificate when enrolling in the desired higher education institution and credit the modules you have taken will be included.

We offer studies in  Vilnius and Klaipėda

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