Tourism and Entertainment Business Industry

Bachelor's studies (university) @ Lithuania Business University of Applied Sciences
All year Application date
3 years Study duration full-time
3000€ Tuition fee for Eu citizens

Programme overview

About the program

The Tourism and Entertainment Business Industry study program aims to train qualified professionals capable of researching, analyzing the tourism and entertainment business environment and adapting to the changing business environment, modern labor market requirements, establishing and managing tourism, entertainment and wellness services companies, making innovative decisions, increasing competitive advantage, and developing and organizing targeted service packages.

The study program focuses not only on the development of professional special competencies, but also on the broad development of key competences, values, responding to the current tourism and entertainment sector specialist, managerial competencies, based on knowledge transfer and analysis, critical assessment, problem solving, the application of innovative measures.

Study program learning outcomes (after graduating from the studies, o person):

  • Applies the most up-to-date theoretical knowledge of the fundamentals of business, tourism, hotels, and entertainment and sightseeing, based on new fundamental and applied research and concepts and principles, to the business of tourism and entertainment businesses.
  • Ability to master and apply information technology in the tourism and hotel market and use correct terminology in his professional language.
  • Analyzes, evaluates, and coordinates processes, strategies, and tactics in the tourism and entertainment market to plan and market services and products as effectively as possible.
  • Knows diversity of business organization forms, general procedure of establishment of the Republic of Lithuania, requirements of labor, civil and commercial law, methods of accounting and management of financial and other resources, principles and forms of business development in foreign markets.
  • Ability to collect, analyze, process data and interpret the results obtained to solve specific professional problems.
  • Utilizes the capabilities of information technology systems and databases, plans and conducts market research, prepares a market research report, and provides the information needed to make management decisions.
  • Plans the activities of the tourism company, organizes the activities of the tourism company according to the spheres of tourism activity, ensures the quality of the activity of the tourism company.
  • Ability to set up a tourism company and prepare its business plan, plan its activities according to the set goals, adjust the activities according to the analysis of the results obtained.
  • Organizes tourism information provision, company marketing program.
  • Develops tourism and leisure and entertainment business services products.
  • Fluently and persuasively expresses their thoughts orally and in writing, communicates effectively and tolerantly with professionals and others in a professional environment in Lithuanian and foreign languages.
  • Works in team projects, solves professional tasks, takes responsibility for the quality of his / her own and subordinate employees’ activities.
  • Independently develop professional and personal skills, demonstrating responsibility for the impact of their activities and outcomes, and apply professional skills effectively and ethically in a multicultural environment.


Career Opportunities: Graduates of this program can work in Lithuanian and foreign business companies, managers and specialists of various levels in tourism information centers, organizers and guides of excursions and educational programs in museums, tour guides, managers – consultants in travel agencies, managers in accommodation and catering, event companies, leisure and entertainment centers, accommodations, spa and wellness centers, as well as enterprising and entrepreneurial graduates can set up and run a business themselves.

Opportunities for further studies: Graduates can apply for credit if they wish to study undergraduate programs. After completing additional studies or fulfilling other requirements set by the institution of higher education, they have the right to enroll in postgraduate studies.

Teachers of study program subjects are highly qualified, many of them are practitioners of their subject.

The program content

Possible specializations:

  • Travel and excursion management – Organizes tours, excursions that meet the needs of modern tourists, book and sell organized tours and individual tourism services.
  • Event management – Organizes different types of events, plans event companies activities.
  • Spa and Wellness Tourism Management – Organizes and manages sales of wellness, spa and sports club business products.

Study volume in credits and form (duration in years): 180 credits, full-time and distance learning (3 years):

General subjects:

  • Communication psychology
  • Second foreign language
  • Application of smart technologies

Study field subjects:

  • Document Management Systems
  • Tourism Basics
  • Foreign language
  • Fundamentals of Management
  • Tourism and Entertainment Business Marketing
  • Arranging of accommodation and food
  • Business planning and business start-up
  • Company finance and accounting
  • Tourism Business Law
  • Event organization basics
  • Ticket reservation systems
  • E-Tourism Marketing and Social Networking
  • Travel planning and organization
  • Innovation in the events and entertainment business
  • Lithuanian tourism resources and basics of geography
  • Excursion preparation methodology and guide rhetoric
  • Intercultural communication
  • Research methodology

Travel and excursion management specialization subjects:

  • Fundamentals of Lithuanian culture and history
  • Fundamentals of the development of the world and Lithuanian architecture and art
  • Arranging inbound tourism

Event management specialization subjects:

  • Health tourism
  • Organization of amusement parks and sports clubs
  • Organization of spa and wellness facilities

Spa and Wellness Tourism Management specialization subjects:

  • Organization of sporting events
  • Organization of conferences and business events
  • Organization of entertain- ment and leisure activities


  • Tourism Cognitive Practice
  • Accommodation and catering cognitive practice
  • Practice of recreational activities
  • Professional Practice – performed in a company


Admission requirements

1. Persons only with diploma of secondary education/or relevant can apply for studies in Lithuania Business University of Applied Sciences (LBUAS). Diploma of secondary education gained in international country must be certificated with by Apostille by Consulate. The studies are open to any age group.
2. LBUAS provides full time studies for international students in English and Russian languages.

Submitting the application form and registration of documents:
✓ Application form
✓ Secondary education diploma and supplement (original and copy)
✓ Diploma and copy of supplement (if you have, from any other educational institution)
✓ Diploma of education in international country must be certificated by apostille by consulate
✓ English language certificate (copy);
✓ Personal identification card or passport (original and copy of page with photo and personal data)

Application form online: https://ltvk.lt/en/enrolment/#2

Students must to apply for a secondary education/relevant diploma recognition in Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education, Address: A. Goštauto str. 12, LT-01108 Vilnius, Lithuania; For more information: https://www.skvc.lt/default/en/60/apply/documentation_requirements , +370 5 210 47 72 or recognition@skvc.lt .

Admission to the state non-funded studies is taking place now. Do you want to study? Do you have any questions? Contact

  • e-mail: international@ltvk.lt, tel. 8-46-314-320, Turgaus street 21, Klaipeda
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