Subject Pedagogy (Art Education: Music Pedagogy) (Application will be available on February, 2022)

Bachelor's studies (university) @ Vytautas Magnus University
All year Application date
4 years Study duration full-time
3426€ Tuition fee for Eu citizens

Programme overview

The study programme aims at training a qualified music educator, who has a theoretical knowledge of music education based on new research results, is able to creatively organize, communicate and cooperate in delivery of quality music education; an educator who takes into account the diversity of students (talents, social, national, etc.) and individual needs, is able to use the acquired comprehensive knowledge for continuous personal and professional development, has a strong determination and motivation to work in the field of music education.

Competencies acquired

Students will be able to:

  •  know the systematic foundations of special music (music language, music history, music aesthetics, music psychology, etc.) and educational (educational theories, philosophy, psychology, sociology) sciences and the techniques of their application in practical musical pedagogical activities;
  •  professionally participate in musical activities (sing, play musical instruments, evaluate the phenomena of musical culture in the context of art and moral values);
  • see and evaluate different learners’ musical abilities, needs, inclinations and learning styles, personalizing the content, process, environments focused on the development of learners’ general competencies, will be able to assess learners’ achievements;
  • create conditions for each student (having special educational needs or highly gifted in music) to participate in the process of music education by maximizing learner’s learning potential;
  • create safe, open, inclusive, tolerant (age, gender, social environment, language, nationality, culture, religion, etc.), enabling, motivating, creative, open to self-expression and self-directed learning environment, using variety of music education processes, tools and digital technologies;
  • to purposefully plan and organize learner-centered music education process, systematically evaluate its effectiveness, provide feedback, promoting self-assessment and development of each learner’s musical achievements;
  • to search for educational documents and sources of educational sciences, analyze, plan and conduct research based on the latest scientific knowledge, disseminate their results to music educators and the public;
  • take in the role of a leader and responsibility for professional activities and the musical culture of the educational institution, to involve the school community, educational support specialists and social partners in the realization of the goals of musical education.

Career opportunities

Students will be able to pursue their studies for master’s degree. Having completed the Subject Pedagogy programme, students will obtain BA of Educational Sciences and teacher’s qualification. They may choose to work in pre-school education institutions, schools of general education, vocational schools, non-formal education institutions, public, private and public organizations related to education.

Programme structure


Admission Requirements

  • A high school diploma
  • Proof of English Language: applicant has to present document proving B2 level (TOEFL 87-109 iBT/534-633 PBT, IELTS 5-6,5, Cambridge English First (FCE), BEC Vantage, Michigan ECCE, PTE General Level 3, TOEIC Listening & Reading 785, TOEIC Speaking & Writing 310) if the applicant is not native speaker and/or had not received education in English. After admission, all students have to take English language test at the Institute of Foreign Languages at Vytautas Magnus University. If English level is below B2 students will have to study English to reach C1 level (in first four semesters of Bachelor studies).
  • Study motivation interview
  • Recorded video performance
  • Admission score counting is based on: study motivation interview * 0,4 + grade point average (of school graduation certificate) * 0,4 + examination/term grade of English language * 0,2.
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