Bachelor’s – Entrepreneurship and Management (dual degree)

Bachelor's studies (university) @ Kazimieras Simonavicius University (KSU)
1 Jun Application deadline
1 Sep Start date
3.5 years Study duration full-time
5500€ Tuition fee for Eu citizens

Programme overview

Entrepreneurship is understood as the ability to create or observe viable business ideas, to initiate their implementation, to mobilize the necessary resources, to create new businesses and assume the risk related with business development. The aim of this programme is to train business professionals who are able to address challenges of the innovative knowledge economy.
The programme widely applies innovative, student-centered teaching methods: combining classical training methods (e.g., lectures, discussions) and experiential learning methods (e.g., teamwork, real case studies, pilot/simulation project development and implementation, interdisciplinary learning) aimed not at the formal implementation of the process but rather creative and innovative experience and outcome.

This programme develops the following competencies:

  • The psychological knowledge required for team selection, motivation and leadership;
  • The methods of promoting and managing creativity necessary to generate new business and social ideas;
  • Financial management knowledge, specifically oriented to the financial management of the company being created, attracting investments;
  • The product and service development models needed to manage the idea selection, prototyping and testing processes in a targeted and efficient manner;
  • Modern media and communications knowledge required for effective communication and marketing, social networking and capital accumulation, knowledge management.

Dual degree with University of Europe from Germany!

University of Europe for Applied Sciences – is in a TOP 10 in Business Studies at private universities in Germany, according to Multirank 2020!

This dual degree programme allows students to get 2 Bachelor’s diplomas in 3,5 years at 2 European Universities in Lithuania and Germany. It is unforgettable multicultural and educational journey in time and cost saving mode!

Study process:

  • First 2 years at Kazimieras Simonavičius University, Vilnius, Lithuania
  • Last 1,5 years at University of Europe for Applied Sciences, Berlin, Germany
  • Internship at Germany’s Business Company or Start-up in Berlin

More about the University of Europe for Applied Sciences READ HERE

Unique features:

  • Dual degrees with two universities from Europe;
  • Study internships at very well-known business organizations or start-ups in Germany;
  • International faculty;
  • International experience;
  • Small group of students, individualized attention to each student;
  • International programme;
  • Huge attention to business idea developing;
  • Business projects creation and simulations;
  • Possibilities to combine studies and work.

This study programme is taught in English language.

 Why to study at KSU?

  • Students create startups – businesses from an idea to real product or service
  • Business projects and BootCamps are integrated into the study programme
  • Study focus on hands-on work and business communication, negotiation and pitching skills

Study subjects:

Business Communication, Negotiations and Pitching / Business Finance / Business Law / Business Research Methods / Business Fundamentals / Development and Management of New Businesses / / Entrepreneurship / Modern Medias / Global Economy / Leadership and Human Resources Management / Innovation, Design Thinking and Prototyping / Creativity / Intellectual Property / New Venture Financing / / Integrated Marketing Communications / Economics (micro and macro) / Management Information Systems / Product and Service Development / Statistics / Social Capital Management / Global Challenges and Big Trends / Lean Startup and Customer development / Business Intelligence and Data Analytics / Platforms, Cloud and Network / Marketing and Sales Management / Ecommerce / Intrapreneurship / Strategic Management / Family Business and Small Business Management / New Technology Ventures/ Personal Branding / Bachelor’s Thesis / Business Project / Internship.

CareerA founder of new business, product development specialist, head of unit, branch of company, project manager, business development manager.

Programme structure

  • Bachelor’s degree in Business Management (BSc);
  • Total number of ECTS credits: 210;
  • Distribution of academic subjects by semester: approx. 30 ECTS credits per semester, 7 semesters;
  • Full description of the programme is here


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