PhD in Education Science

Doctoral studies @ Mykolas Romeris University
31 Aug Application deadline
3 Jul Start date
4 years Study duration full-time
4915€ Tuition fee for Eu citizens

Programme overview

Searching where to study after your master degree? Always had a passion for education and want to further it with quality research? Want to help the next generation receive the best possible education, or assist those less privileged with cutting-edge educational techniques?  

If all of the above questions have stirred something positive within you, then consider applying with your thesis topic for a doctoral degree in Education Science. If your topic will be considered a valuable asset to the international body of knowledge, you will get a chance to contribute your research into furthering the theory and practice of education.  

After graduation, you will be able to work as a researcher or teacher in higher education institutions, a policy-maker in education, an organizer and executor of educational projects and hold executive posts in educational and research institutions. It is a worthwhile investment into yourself, especially given that at MRU, the low tuition fee makes this degree in the field of social sciences ever more attractive. Not to mention potential scholarships available depending on your exact field of research.  

PhD studies and research are coordinated by Doctoral Committee of Education Science Field. Contact Social Innovations Doctoral School that organizes the process of doctoral studies for more information. Don’t hesitate and apply!

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Programme structure

Together with three other universities, you will participate in this joint studies programme and conduct your international studies in English. To take full advantage of this program, you will be required to show your English level at least at C1.  

Doctoral studies and their duration depend on the form of studies you choose: full-time studies (4 years) or part-time studies (6 years). Persons who have independently prepared a doctoral dissertation (or monograph) and have scientific publications can obtain a doctoral degree externally (within 1 year).

In order to successfully complete doctoral studies and obtain a doctoral degree after defending a doctoral dissertation, you will need to pass the exams, publish at least two scientific articles in scientific publications, present research findings at least two international conferences, and do an internship at foreign research and study institution.

Your dissertation preparation and research will be supervised by a scientific supervisor who is a specialist in his/her field.


Admission Requirements

Admission rules and information about the PhD in Education Science can be found on the website.


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