Software Engineering

Master‘s studies @ Vilnius University
1 Jul Application deadline
1 Sep Start date
2 years Study duration full-time
5266€ Tuition fee for Eu citizens

Programme overview

The purpose of the programme is to prepare high-quality software engineers that can carry out:

  • Research independently
  • Lead software development
  • Maintenance
  • Process improvement projects
  • Apply their knowledge in different application areas
  • To make decisions under conditions of limited information and logically, unambiguously and clearly argue them among specialists and non-specialists.

Why this programme?

  • Graduates of the programme acquire knowledge in technologies and management and the ability to lead software development, maintenance, and process improvement projects.
  • The study programme combines a practical orientation with a developing ability to conduct research.

What’s after?

  • A graduate is ready to work as a Project Manager in Information Technologies, as a Manager of software process improvement; besides, as an Analyst, Designer, Programmer, or Researcher in private and public sectors in Lithuania or abroad.
  • A graduate can also continue studies in Computer Science, Software Engineering, Information Systems, and Information Technology Doctor’s degree programmes.


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