Programming and Internet Technologies

Bachelor's studies (college) @ Vilnius Business College / University of Applied Sciences
31 Jul Application deadline
26 Sep Start date
3 years Study duration full-time
3400€ Tuition fee for Eu citizens

Programme overview

Do you wish to control Internet technologies, turn them into your own start-up, or work in an innovative and progressive company? Having completed our studies, you will be able to do more than programming, you will know how to create and turn it into your own competitive edge.

Degree awarded: Professional Bachelor’s degree of Computing

Study field: Software Engineering

Duration: Full-time: 3 years
Credits: (ECTS) 180
Language: English

Programme objective: To prepare qualified IT professionals who are able to perform the following tasks – information systems design, programming, hardware and software installation and management, web-based systems providing e-services development and management, computer network administration, IT company’s planning and organization of tasks. Professionals must be able to adapt to fast-changing technology and market conditions.

Programme learning outcomes: You will learn: programming basics, system programming, programming for graphical environment, object-oriented programming, information systems design, development of interactive websites, web site optimization of computer networks and server administration etc. This degree programme offers two specializations: Computer Network Administration and Internet Technology.

Career prospects

As a graduate of this programme, you will:

  • become a qualified professional who is able to work in the information technologies’ developing enterprises, institutions and organizations
  • be able to use modern programming languages
  • create complex software projects
  • design and administer computer networks
  • develop and maintain computerized business information and e-commerce systems
  • organize and execute traditional and electronic publishing.
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