International Relations and Development

Bachelor's studies (university) @ LCC International University
15 Apr Application deadline
26 Aug Start date
4 years Study duration full-time
4050€ Tuition fee for Eu citizens

Programme overview

LCC can provide the education that students need to take part in International Relations and Development. We have a carefully designed curriculum intended to prepare graduates for both the theoretical, academic side of the discipline and the practical skills sought by employers. Assignments are designed to make students fluent in various formats of written English, including both academic and government writing styles, as well as spoken English. We place an emphasis on the promotion of civil society because of its importance for the social and democratic development of states. The international nature of the school will prepare students to work in an increasingly integrated environment.

Career Opportunities

A graduate in International Relations and Development is prepared for further studies in political science subfields and related social science programs, eg. political science, international relations, political economy, comparative politics, regional studies and international development, public policy, administration and/or management of public and non-governmental organizations. They may also pursue studies in some interdisciplinary graduate studies, e.g. global studies, also in humanities. A graduate may seek employment in public institutions, political organizations, diplomatic missions, local and international non-governmental organizations, their coalitions and confederations, international cooperation organizations and research institutes, humanitarian and international aid providers and agencies, the departments of public sector organizations coordinating development cooperation activities, human rights organizations, social and corporate responsibility departments in the business sector. Depending on the type of organization and activities, graduates, for instance can work as analysts, commentators, coordinators, managers and/or project leaders.

Programme structure

Year 1 / Students learn about:
  • The complex relationships that exist among nations, people, and communities
  • A diverse range of cultural, religious, ethnic, national, and other identities
Year 2 / Students are able to:
  • Analyze issues of history, culture, geography, and political economy
  • Explain current approaches toward alleviating poverty and global inequality
  • Evaluate differing political theories
Year 3 / Students gain expertise and skills in:
  • Trade and economic policy
  • How to form and organize an NGO
  • Data analysis and research methods
Year 4 / Students learn how to:
  • Sharpen their leadership and diplomacy skills
  • Complete an independent research project in a chosen area of international relations and development

Admission Requirements

LCC accepts applications for admission from students of all nationalities and religious backgrounds who are interested in studying in an international learning community.

If you are considering applying to LCC, you should keep in mind the following deadlines:

  • Early application deadline – February 15
  • Final application deadline – April 15
  • Final application deadline for LT/EU citizens – July 15



Submit an online application form for BA studies. Attach a scanned copy of your passport and a document-size picture. Wait for a follow-up email from your Admissions Counselor.


If you are in the last year of schoolsubmit your official transcripts from your 10th, 11th and the first semester of 12th year grades;

If you are already a school graduate, submit your final and official high school diploma, final transcript and exam results.


We accept TOEFL ITP (min. 500), TOEFL iBT (min. 61), IELTS (min. 6.0) Academic, PTE ACADEMIC (min. 53), PTE General (min. LEVEL 4), CPE or CAE (min C) test certificates.


Once we have your application package, you will receive an email with the invitation for an interview with the Admissions Committee.

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