International Project Management

Master‘s studies @ Vilnius University
1 Jul Application deadline
1 Sep Start date
1.5 years Study duration full-time
4975€ Tuition fee for Eu citizens

Programme overview

The International Project Management is a unique international modular programme for working students. The aim is to prepare highly skilled Project Management professionals who will be able to:

  • create harmony in chaos
  • be true leaders of teams in projects
  • programmes
  • portfolios in business and the private sector.

The programme has been designed in close cooperation with the Lithuanian Project Management Association.  Also, the logic of the programme is based on the International Competence Baseline of IPMA (International Project management association www.IPMA.Ch). Graduates of International Project management could apply for International certification IPMA D Level. IPMA certificates are widely recognized in the Project management global society.

Why this programme?

  • International certification and digital badges. The program is registered in the list of the International Project Management Association‘s Education Programmes. Upon successful completion of the program, graduates have a possibility to be awarded the CPD Record & Proof of Participation Certificate and Digital Badge.
  • Project management from A to Z. You will manage to set up a project organizational structure, prepare a Business Case, work with the Project Board/Steering Committee.
  • Leading working teams. You will be able to form, manage and lead project teams, take responsibility for their work quality and that of their subordinates, and evaluate.
  • Analytical skills. You will be able to analyse and critically evaluate a range of information related to your occupational field.
  • Communication skills. You will manage to communicate efficiently in a team, with colleagues of varying job position levels, business partners and customers.
  • Decision-making. You will manage to analyse complex situations and make well-grounded decisions efficiently.
  • Representation. You will be able to represent the team and the organization.
  • Ethics. You will be able to apply ethical principles of business ethics in your performance.

What’s after?

  • The programme aims to prepare Project Management professionals who can efficiently lead projects, programmes, and portfolios in a challenging international environment both in the private and public sectors in Lithuania and abroad.
  • The graduates can initiate and lead project, programme and portfolio maturity improvement initiatives in their organizations in Lithuania and abroad.

“The decision to start my Master’s studies at VU Business School was definitely life-changing for me. Being a part of various group tasks and projects has become an integral part of the whole studying process. One of the greatest values I have gained so far is the opportunity to work with and learn from my colleagues as well as experience challenges together. Furthermore, I am impressed by how skillfully most of our professors not only manage online workshops but also engage all students in active participation during the classes. I believe that VU Business School is an exceptional start for my future career.”

Iryna Kaniuk, a student from Ukraine

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