Bachelor's studies (university) @ European Humanities University
3 Sep Application deadline
1 Oct Start date
4 years Study duration full-time
3600€ Tuition fee for Eu citizens

The study program is under review by the Lithuanian Center for Quality Assessment in Higher Education

It is the first and only performing arts programme in Lithuania that would influence the expansion of the Lithuanian theatre tradition abroad, as well as train specialists for theaters in Russian-speaking countries, Lithuanian Russian Drama Theatre or the establishment of independent troupes in Vilnius city or region. The highlight of the programme is a new in Lithuania integration of acting and directing mastery, dramaturgy studies and reinforced general humanities. Joint artistic research not only synthesizes these disciplines, but is based on the phenomenology and topology, which in our case changes the established historicalist and evolutionist perspective of the theatre sciences. This means a major paradigm shift in theatrical studies, liberating it from the ideological clichés our theatre art has inherited from its totalitarian past. It is about another perspective, at the core of which is artistic research, which in practice is very much related to the area (to a certain topos) in its spatial and topical sense. Both the methodological and geographical elements of the concept of European theatre are manifested here. All of this makes the programme unique, which of course will not be without fundamental stage motion, language, hearing practices, new techniques, and innovation in content and form expression (such as debating contemporary theatre vs IT issues).

The programme is also valuable as a platform for revealing and exploring innovative insights into the relationship between society and the theatre arts, for strengthening this relationship (identified as quite erosive nowadays), for striking a balance between shared human values ​​and collective views, for seeing the performance not just as a service or product, and the audience – not just as a consumer.