October 7, 2019

From Japan to Lithuania

Yoshiyuki Miyasaka from Japan is studying Psychology at LCC International University. Now, a sophomore, Yoshiyuki is learning more about Lithuanian culture and seeks opportunities for personal development.

Here are some of his thoughts…

Japan – is my home. Whenever I go there I feel the good atmosphere, I feel safe. This is where I grew up. I miss Japan so much, especially the food. The main reason to go back to Japan is to eat the food.

Personal development – since I am majoring in Psychology, personal development is very important to me. I think about how I can improve myself, develop myself, with other people or individually. Thinking about mistakes or progress that I made, and thinking about what I should fix and improve, and creating more of a strategy for myself. These strategies can be developed by looking to your past, finding solutions, and learning to become a better person.

International – it is the dynamics of differences, different cultures, people, backgrounds. How people grew up, and what kind of family or friends they have. This is the idea behind my understanding of the word “international”.

Community – I think it is a mental bond rather than physical, and it is more like a social bond. Once you find a community in which you feel you belong to, you feel at home there, so it becomes an important part of your life.

Student from Japan Yoshiyuki Miyasaka in Vilnius

Cepelinai – it takes time to make this dish, especially to make it into a proper shape. When I think about that process, I feel very grateful to the person who made cepelinai for me. Behind the scenes, there are a lot of processes and people who contribute to the creation of cepelinai. I appreciate the people who cook this dish and that is why I like cepelinai the most.

Education – it is not necessarily made from the school, like facilities or university. I think education is made from the environment, society and people that you meet.

Progress – I am sure that every single person makes progress every single day. Even though they might be trying to get over a lot of struggles, they learn and make a lot of progress inside of themselves. Progress is what people should strive for in their lives.

Source – LCC International University