March 14, 2018

Lithuanians and Georgians speak the same language – the language of friendship

Recently, “Study in LT” team took part in an International Education Fair Georgia to present study opportunities in Lithuania to Georgians including state-funded scholarships as part of friendship between two countries. During the Fair, “Study in LT” team met Jeko Damatsalashvili, who recently visited Lithuania to learn Lithuanian language at Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences. Once the courses finished, he received the award as the most dedicated student, who made the biggest improvement towards language learning. Jeko was first introduced to Lithuanian language at Lithunian Language and Culture Center in Tbilisi.


“When I started learning Lithuanian language at Georgian Technical University’s Lithuanian Language and Culture Center, I didn’t even imagine that Lithuania offers so many opportunities for Georgians. Soon I found out that many of them chose to continue their studies in Lithuania and gained huge success here. Giorgi Kobakhidze was a student at our center. Currently, he works at the Georgian Embassy in Lithuania and teaches Georgian language at Vilnius University”, says Jeko Damatsalashvili.



Not only Georgians learn Lithuanian, but also Lithuanians are interested in learning Georgian language. Both languages are very old and unique. Georgian has its own 33-letter alphabet thought to be based on the sort of Aramaic spoken two thousand years ago. While learning Georgian at Vilnius University, Lithuanian students dream of visiting Georgia and finding out more about Georgian culture. Even speaking to Georgians for different parts of the country since Georgian belongs to its own ancient linguistic group and includes rare sounds that many have never heard before.


Jeko Damatsalashvili, who currently works in the tourism and culture sector in Dusheti, has lot of ideas regarding cultural visits both ways from and to Lithuania and Georgia. To learn more, he aims to study master’s degree programme in Lithuania and hope to return to Georgia with experience needed to succeed with his plans. 


“Lithuania is a part of European Union, your country went a long and hard road to success, there’s a lot to learn from your success story – things that I could adapt in my own country. I love your country, I love your language and – most of all – I love Lithuanian people. Although we are different, but we are close – I felt that from the first day in Lithuania”, says Jeko Damatsalashvili.


Some of the available opportunities are state funded scholarships dedicated to Georgians. Currently there’s an open call for full-time master’s degree or integrated studies for the academic year 2018/2019 http://stipendijos.lt/en/call-for-applications-for-full-time-master-s-degree-or-integrated-studies-at-lithuanian-higher-education-institutions-is-now-open


Georgians can find out more about available opportunities at Georgian Technical University’s Lithuanian Language and Culture Center. Students from any Georgian university are invited to visit the center not only to learn Lithuanian language, but also learn about the country and help the friendship between two countries go stronger.