February 6, 2018

New Students Started Their Journey at KTU

Last week KTU welcomed the new students with Welcome Week 2017/2018 Spring events. Students from all over the world spent their first week at the University participating in seminars about the university life and living in Kaunas, were introduced to possibilities to join organisations, arts and sports groups at KTU. The week ended with a tour to the capitals – to the old Lithuanian capital Trakai and to the current one, Vilnius.

The first day was devoted to paper work and to getting to know each other. After the official registration, the students could join warming-up games, organised by Erasmus Student Network (ESN) KTU or just chat to their future friends and colleagues. On Tuesday and Wednesday, the schedule got more serious: representatives from KTU and its organisations gave lectures about the rights and obligations of foreign students towards the University and their faculties, and about the possibilities offered by the organisations of KTU. The rest of the week was dedicated to getting to know the KTU Campus, including various tours around Kaunas, also a trip to Trakai and Vilnius.

Around 140 new students are starting their studies at KTU this spring. What made them choose us? The students admit that they were curious to get to know more about Lithuania, and were impressed by KTU studies. For example, Markus Gratzer from Austria chose to come here, because he likes Northern European countries, and since Lithuania is not very well known, he got interested and decided to discover the unknown.

“After checking many many websites of Lithuanian and foreign universities, I liked KTU best, because it was simple and clear and the subjects were best fitting to those at my home university”, says Aleksandra Panic from Serbia who came here with the Erasmus+ programme.

Warm welcome to all the new KTU students! Enjoy your studies and student life, hopefully you will get everything and more you were expecting from your time here.


Source: Kaunas University of Technology