November 10, 2016

The first meeting of Lithuanian State Scholarship holders took place!

On November 10, 2016 the Government of the Republic of Lithuania hosted the first meeting of the Lithuanian State Scholarship holders.

Operating since 1997 Lithuanian State Scholarship Programme not only provides an opportunity for Lithuanian students and professors to study and do internships abroad, but also gives an opportunity for foreigners to study and do internships in Lithuania. The Education Exchanges Support Foundation administers the Lithuanian State Scholarship Programme since 2007.

More than one hundred students and researchers, who have been awarded the Lithuanian State Scholarship for full-time Master degree studies, Baltic studies and research visits in Lithuania in 2015 and 2016 participated at this event. Also, Latvian, Georgian, and Italian ambassadors, as well as the representatives from China, Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Belarus, Azerbaijan embassies were among the participants.
The aim of this meeting was to promote the Lithuanian State Scholarship Programme, exchange information and experiences, build relationships with current programme participants and initiate establishment of Alumni.
In 2016 nearly 250 foreigners from 25 foreign countries were accepted to Lithuanian higher education institutions under the Lithuanian State Scholarship Programme. Of these students a 120 were accepted to the Lithuanian language and culture summer training, 29 students were accepted for Baltic studies and 26 researchers were accepted for research visits. Full-time postgraduate study was funded for 67 students. Of these students, 40 are Ukrainians. Others – Belarus, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, and China citizens.