September 6, 2016

Vilnius University ranked among the top 500 universities in the world

Vilnius University (VU), for the first time in history of Lithuanian higher education, was ranked among the top 500 universities in the world. 

In the officially published universities world ranking “QS World University Rankings 2016–2017” Vilnius University now holds a 481–490 ranking. VU was ranked 501-550 in the same ranking last year.
According to the general indicators, VU maintains a steady progress in all strategically important areas. VU was well commended in the student-faculty ratio (217 place), high academic reputation, and reputation among the employers. According to the latter rate the country’s largest university has risen over 44 positions and now ranks in the 352nd place. The scientific production data of the university also increased. During the period of 2011 – 2015 the number of citations increased by more than a third – the growth reached 34.6 percent.

“This is a truly historic acknowledgement. We are the first in the country to be ranked amongst the five hundred elite universities in the world. Such international recognition only confirms that the implemented strategic changes contributed to the achievement of our objectives. However we are not limited by the leadership in our country – our aim is to join the ranks of the best European universities, which will require the concentration not only of us, but of the nation as well. Vilnius University optimized its resources and demonstrated a breakthrough, however if the proper attention won’t be given to our higher education system as a whole and if the funds of this vital area will continue to be wasted, the current position will be difficult to maintain”, said VU chancellor prof. Artūras Žukauskas.
According to the chancellor, this achievement is the merit of the entire country, and VU is ready to become Lithuania’s higher education ambassador. It has acquired the necessary knowledge and skills. We are open to share our knowledge with other Lithuanian institutions and make a significant contribution to the general improvement of Lithuanian higher education system as a whole”, added the head of the university.
Four Lithuanian higher education institutions were assessed in the ranking, but Vilnius University remains an undisputed national leader in the academic reputation, reputation among employers, and student-faculty ratio. 
“QS World University Rankings” is the largest independent global university ranking compiled annually since 2004. This year more than 4 thousand applications were considered, out of which almost a thousand were evaluated. The final results are compiled according to the academic reputation, reputation among employers, student-faculty ratio, citation frequency rate, foreign teachers and foreign students count.
Source – VU News