June 22, 2016

Sports education attracts foreign students to Lithuania

Lithuanian Sports University (LSU) receives many foreign students every year. These students seek sport-related education and choose bachelor or master study programmes. Many of these students take advantage of the opportunities provided by the “Erasmus+” program. LSU is attractive to many, because there are only two hundred of such niche universities worldwide. 

“When choosing the university abroad I had high criteria for it. The university had to be known for its’ achievements in sports education, and I was mostly interested in basketball. LSU and Great Britain’s Coventry universities were my top priorities. I chose Lithuania, because the country is world-famous for it’s love for basketball. Lithuania is inexpensive to live in, and it is also the centre of Europe – which gives me a great opportunity to travel and see different cultures,” – Turkish student Mustafa Sarshar explained why he chose LSU.
Young man does not regret his choice of LSU, where he studied Sports Coaching study program. He claims the knowledge gained at LSU motivates him to improve further. “Studies at LSU are very interesting and useful. The diversity of study modules here motivates me to dive deeper and to actively participate in scientific activities. This university and my professors helped me decide to continue my education and pursue a career in basketball coaching,” – M. Sarchar shares his future plans.
When asked what competences are necessary for health and sports specialist, M. Sarchar pointed out the love for sports. “If you are constantly active, like sports, and have a lot of knowledge, you will always be needed. But you have to constantly improve, use the theoretical knowledge in practice, and always believe in yourself, enjoy what you are doing,” – he claimed. 
Young man spends most of his time studying and enjoying the opportunities provided by the international study program. “Erasmus+” mobility program is a great opportunity for students to accumulate knowledge in foreign universities, share ideas, meet people from many different cultures and see their customs and traditions first-hand. Not only foreign students gain knowledge, they also carry it on and share their own experiences. I personally have introduced LSU professors and my fellow students with my culture and our sports achievements as well,” said M. Sarchar.
Lithuanian Sports University collaborates with 84 universities in Europe and other continents. United Kingdom, United States, Israel, China, Kazakhstan and other countries are among the partners. Foreign students can choose out of 3 bachelors, 5 masters or 2 doctoral study programmes.
Source – DELFI.lt