December 6, 2015

Šiauliai is my “second home”

 Šiauliai University is the biggest and fast growing university in northern Lithuania. Not only it currently has over 130 agreements with foreign higher education institutions from 40 countries all over the world, but it also successfully participates in various international activities: exchange of students and lecturers, ECTS application, intensive programmes, projects and worldwide networks, joint degree study programmes, and so on. Needless to say, foreign students feel very welcome at Šiauliai University.


Here’s what some of them have to say:


Ersan Taskin, Turkey

At Šiauliai University you can find more practical knowledge about engineering disciplines and you can easily get the answers to your questions from lecturers and responsible people. I can literally say that Šiauliai University’s lecturers and staff members are the best people. Whenever I need their help they just bring me the information for the solution and they become part of the solution. 
Since the beginning of my adventure in Šiauliai, I have never felt like a stranger here. For me Šiauliai is one of the best cities that I have ever seen. I guess people who decide to study at Šiauliai University will notice the quality of the education system and the useful help of the staff members of Šiauliai University. I hope this piece information that I have provided about Šiauliai University will be useful for your decision in the future. 
Harith Ramesh Mynavathy, India
Lithuania is one of the fastest growing economies in the European Union. Šiauliai is the city of peace and friendly citizens. I cherish every moment here at Šiauliai. I fall short of words to describe the fun-filled life in the dormitory, spending time with students from different parts of the world, organising events, games and hangouts. Šiauliai University is a good opportunity for a student exchange programme and must be applauded for the relevance of the course module. I must definitely say that students here have a wonderful opportunity to travel around European countries with the Schengen visa.    
Juan Sebastian Becerra Avila, Columbia 
Since the moment that I took my flight in Colombia to move for one semester, just for one, to the cold and unknown Lithuania, full of expectations and dreams to achieve, step-by-step all of those issues became real in the way that I discovered the real Lithuania, a new country with the chance to visit many countries and its people and behaviours. The small and cold Šiauliai day-by-day became a warm place, a second home where I found friends that I still have and will keep throughout my life, my lovely football practice, its lakes and beautiful sunsets and last but not least the big chance to get a master’s degree. Now, some main examples of the priceless treasure that I got in here, which was the opportunity to create crazy and unique friendships with people from many cultures, with millions of memories through the awesome and exchangeable experience of life in a dormitory, to create experiments in kitchen, share your culture and discover others, deal with the beautiful babushkas, and finally start to drive our own lives, through a way full of personal and academic knowledge and experiences that just one exchange semester can give you. If you are looking for an experience full of memories, knowledge, happiness and adrenaline, this is the definition of study abroad.
Ikemefuna Chrisantus Machebem, Nigeria 
My experience in Lithuania has been positive and there are lot of things I like about the country. The people are very welcoming, especially the youth, who have a resilient spirit with a lot of aspiration, who always want to get better and to know and do new things. The cost of living is quite cheap compared to most European countries. The local food and drinks are very good, just to mention a few. 
My studies at Šiauliai University has been very great. There are very good lecturers and professors with adequate knowledge and experience in different fields. The university has good study facilities and a comfortable studying environment. There is so much to mention about my university life here in Šiauliai. To cut it short, I must say that the university has not merely given me an education, but is also teaching me how to live. 
Franklina Forei, Ukraine 
Living in another country is already a great experience for me. First of all it’s my first trip to another country and second, I have an opportunity to study in English. In Ukraine we don’t have such kind of things. So for me it was a huge pleasure especially because I am a translator. 
I like living in Šiauliai. The city is small and quiet, so I can rest from the noisy life in the capital However, the people can be a little bit closed and even cold sometimes. Nonetheless, life in the dormitory is really interesting. I met a lot of new international friends with different cultures, countries and behaviour. And also I enjoy studying at the university. The lectures are entertaining and the professors know their job. 
Marika Miminoshvili, Georgia
Lithuania and especially Šiauliai is my “second home,” as the experience obtained here provided me with the opportunity to live abroad, recognise European values, meet people from different countries around the world, and allowed me the possibility to gain valuable, international and practical knowledge. I also got a lot of experience studying all subjects in English. I had a big opportunity to improve my skills in organisation work, team working and communication. Šiauliai University provides all conditions for getting good, qualified, productive education. The lecturers do everything to create a friendly, warm and working atmosphere for the students. They are interested in the maximum growth of a student, the development of his or her intelligence, and spiritual comfort. There is maximum freedom provided for thinking outside the box, for the creativity progress, and for the creative approaches to learning! 
It’s time to make a lot of friends, travel and be more familiar with others culture, traditions, cuisine and country.