November 8, 2015

Socially responsible KTU international students became blood donors

October 29th ESN KTU (Erasmus Student Network of Kaunas University of Technology) invited all the students to become real life heroes by donating their blood.
“Blood Donation” initiative (which is not the first one organised by ESN) took place in Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) Electronics building during the lunch break. All the small fears of blood or needles were pushed away by friendly doctors, volunteers and friends and at the end this event attracted 46 participants. Many international degree and exchange students of Erasmus+ programme willingly gave their blood to a good cause. What is even more astonishing, two hours weren‘t enough for this social event because more than 20 people got stuck in the queue and didn’t make it on time to give their blood.
Blood Centre of The Hospital of Lithuanian University of Health Sciences was amazed and happy that international students donated their blood so benevolently, and ESN KTU couldn’t have been more proud. The “Blood Donation” initiative is only one of many social events ESN KTU is organising every year. International students prove to be socially responsible no matter where or from where they are.