February 14, 2015

KTU Has Joined the Club of the Best Executive Schools

Wednesday 28 January Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Aalto University (Finland). The Memorandum foresees the possibility of obtaining a Scandinavian Executive Masters Degree (EMBA) at KTU Executive School.

Hands-on Business Leadership Experience for Students

The Memorandum was signed by the Dean of KTU School of Economics and Business Edita Gimžauskienė and Miina Hiillos, Associate Dean, Head of MBA and EMBA Programmes and Aalto University Executive Education.

Business management studies will provide top executives with knowledge and practical skills necessary for international business environment. The programme will focus on development of best business managing competences which assists in revealing and strengthening leadership qualities.

The Aalto Executive Education EMBA is recognised as No. 1 Nordic EMBA programme and one of the best in the world. The programme owes its success to the greatly experienced teachers who are business practitioners and to its constant upgrade of the curriculum. The business leaders, graduates of the Aalto EE are the members of the alumni club where they exchange their experience and good practices.

Finnish Aalto University is famous for its interdisciplinary programmes successfully integrating technologies, business and arts.

‘This is the first time when a higher education institution in the Baltic Region gets a chance to offer a study programme from the university ranked among the best in the world, such as Aalto’, said Gimžauskienė.

Business Growth Was an Important Factor

Aalto University representative Hiillos said that Kaunas, Lithuania was chosen for a reason.

‘We have been interested in the Baltics for a while. Estonia is situated next to Finland, therefore we have quite a lot of executives from this country coming to us, to Helsinki. Lithuanians and Latvians did not have such opportunity up to now’, said Hiillos.

The main reason for the Scandinavian education coming to our country is the multitude of dynamic business executives and their rapidly expanding businesses.

‘We knew that we could offer the Scandinavian value master study programme for top level executives here’, said Hiillos.

The programme offered by Aalto University Executive Education is being taught across the globe: in Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, Iran and Poland.

Top Level Teachers

According to the Dean of KTU School of Economics and Business the programme will be targeted at the top level executives. Gimžauskienė assumes that they will come to the KTU Executive School not only for networking with other businesses, but also for world-class knowledge.

The lectures should start this autumn – the next task after signing the memorandum is adaptation of the programme to Lithuanian context.

The added value of the programme is being created by its teaching staff which will be comprised of the top quality professionals.

‘They will be world class researchers and also charismatic, inspiring personalities. The teachers in such a programme have to be the leaders in their field, because they will work with the business veterans and not the ordinary students’, says Gimžauskienė.