September 24, 2013

Award for Study in Lithuania image film

Image film presenting Lithuania and inviting to consider it as a destination for studies has won an award in Digital Communications Awards 2013. More than 600 European companies and organisations submitted their digital communication campaigns, out of which 150 were nominated in 38 categories (full list). Lithuanian clip, which won in the „Best Image Film“ category, was created by Education Exchanges Support Foundation and advertising agency Leo Burnett Vilnius.

The clip was first created as a way to promote a new national portal for studies in Lithuania www.studyinlithuania.lt, however soon it became very popular – it is being used by Lithuanian embassies, universities, colleges, presented in various international conferences and fairs. During the first month alone it got more than 20 thousand views on Youtube and recently updated version has already been watched for 5 thousand times.

Director of Education Exchanges Support Foundation Daiva Sutinyte was happy with such recognition: „Three years ago together with Lithuanian Ministry of Education and Science we started a project „Internationalisation of Lithuanian Higher Education“ from scratch – brand, website, promotion and so on, mediated between a number of stakeholders and their expectations. We can proudly say we succeeded“.

Member of 33-strong jury panel, proffessor Christo Kaftandjiev, showed confidence about his decision to vote for „Study in Lithuania“: „I wouldn‘t be surprised to see something like this from Norway or the US – big countries with big budgets, however to see something so brilliant from Lithuania, with limited resources, is outstanding”. Professor has mentioned that he will be presenting this video as an example of how difficult concepts are communicated out to target audiences in a way they would understand and engage with.

Photo: Team of EESF and Leo Burnett at the Digital Communications Awards in Berlin, September 21st