General Practice Nursing

Bachelor's studies (college) @ SMK College of Applied Sciences
10 Aug Application deadline
1 Sep Start date
3.5 years Study duration full-time
2950€ Tuition fee for Eu citizens

Programme overview

The General Practice Nursing study programme is science and evidence-based practice teaching.

The trained nursing specialist will have a deeply holistic approach to health, will be able to provide safe, high-quality services to society, apply modern technologies in professional activities, and help clients to form positive attitudes to improving health and quality of life.

The goal of the General Practice Nursing programme is not only to provide care for sick patients and prevent the progression of disease but also to take care of public health promotion.

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Programme structure

After studies you will be able to:

  • Assess the nursing needs of the patient, family, and community and plan the nursing process in a responsible manner;
  • Prepare patients for instrumental tests and examinations and medical intervention procedures in a responsible manner;
  • Identify life-threatening conditions, assess and tackle them in an effective way;
  • Assess and perform nursing activities and procedures;
  • Develop healthy lifestyle habits and behaviors of the patient, family, and community.

You will study:

  • Anatomy, Physiology;
  • Microbiology, Virology, Immunology;
  • General Nursing;
  • Pharmacology;
  • Geriatric Nursing;
  • Clinical Nursing;
  • Community Nursing;
  • Obstetrical Nursing;
  • Child Nursing;
  • Physical and Rehabilitative Medicine;
  • Mental Health Nursing;
  • Surgical Care;
  • Intensive Care, etc.

Career opportunities and areas:

  • Primary, secondary and tertiary level health care institutions;
  • Institutions providing social services;
  • Nursing homes of healthy and disabled people of different age groups;
  • Private health care institutions;
  • Hospices and palliative care institutions;
  • Disabled and old people’s homes
  • Nursing homes, special care facilities;
  • Educational establishments and boarding houses for children.

Admission Requirements



Application for admission to the SMK University of Applied Sciences must be submitted online.


Detailed video explanation on “How to apply for studies at SMK?”

Below is the list of documents that you will need to submit together with your application:

1. A receipt of the paid non-refundable application fee* (120 Euro for foreign nationals, and 50 Euro for the citizens of EU and the EEA countries).

*It only needs to be paid once if you decide to apply for a second degree;

Exemption for those enrolled in the English Foundation Programme and willing to continue their studies at SMKno application fee to be paid again to be admitted to Bachelor Study Programmes.

2. A Copy of a valid Passport (valid for at least a year)

*For those applying from Nigeria through VFS visa center, the passport needs to be valid for at least 18 months;

3. Entry qualification documents (e.g. a copy of original High school/secondary education diploma, or/and a copy of School Leaving Certificate or a College Diploma)

Note: translation of the documents to the English/Lithuanian/Russian languages. Often you can get a suitable transcript from your school. If this is not the case, you will need official translation(s). Each program has separate subjects which need to be passed. Needed subjects are listed in requirements on https://apply.smk.lt/. Overall percentage of Secondary School Diploma must be not lower than 50%.

4. Official recognition of the Secondary School Diploma obtained from the Lithuanian Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education (CQAHE) more information and how to apply here.

Video explanation on how to apply for SKVC.
Country-specific requirements to receive the Official recognition of the School leaving certificate.

5. A Copy of the International English Language Test Certificate confirming the applicant’s knowledge of English at Higher Intermediate level or its equivalent (5,5 and higher); Accepted proof of proficiency: FCE, IELTS 5+, TOEFL 59+ or LanguageCert IESOL B1+: www.languagecert.org/

If an applicant doesn’t have any of the above-mentioned certificates, there is a possibility to go through the SMK internal test online. The price for an English test is 50 Eur, where applicant’s speaking and writing skills are tested and evaluated. Please, contact admission@smk.lt if you are willing to pass an internal test.

Exemption applies for those applying for English Foundation Programme.

Exemption for those, who have finished English Foundation Programme at SMK:
If later applying for a Bachelor degree, you only need to provide your English Foundation Programme certificate.

6. Reference(s)*.

* A letter from your teacher or employer, where he/she describes your abilities and qualities as a student or employee. 

Please have in mind that your application can be processed only when you submit all the required documents. After your application is complete it will take up to 5 working days for the admission committee to give feedback.. All accepted students will receive acceptance letters with detailed instructions on how to confirm their acceptance and prepare to travel to Lithuania.

Once you submit your application, and your application is accepted, you will need to pass:

1. The entrance examination for these study programmes ONLY:

– Video Production and Media
The entrance examination for entrants to this study programme consists of:
– Assessment of a portfolio presented by the applicant;
– Assessment of factors of selecting the area of professional activity.

2. Motivation Interview: 

After the applicant has paid the application fee and submitted the application, we invite him for an motivational interview. The interview is done online using Google Meet platform, and the basic goal is to evaluate the reasoning and motivation of a future student. After an interview, the decision of admission is given in a couple of days.

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Spring Intake Deadline


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