June 25, 2021

KTU student Marko from Ukraine: “Our Nations Like Each Other”

“I appreciate Lithuanians’ attitude to me as a Ukrainian. We have similar problems that’s why this cooperation and support is vital”, says Marko Aharkov from Kharkiv. Following a friend’s recommendation, Marko is studying Master’s in International Business at Kaunas University of Technology (KTU), School of Economics and Business with a state scholarship.

For Marko, one of the main criteria for choosing Kaunas University of Technology was not only a possibility to get a full scholarship for his studies, but also to enjoy Lithuanian culture. Having visited Lithuanian and Kaunas before starting his studies, a Ukrainian KTU student feels at home here.

“Lithuanian culture is very similar to Ukrainian, and that’s why I feel very comfortable. I was twice in Lithuania before and I liked its nature, architecture and history”, says Marko.

In the interview below, Marko Aharkov is sharing his impressions about studies at KTU, Kaunas and his plans.

What do you like about your studies at KTU?

I have a friend who got her master’s degree here; she recommendation the University a lot, and provided valuable information about studies. However, although I knew a lot about KTU from the website and my friend, I was surprised about the format of study, that it’s cyclical: you study modules consistently, and not simultaneously. What I appreciate are case studies and problem-solving methods applied in the course. Also, we gave a lot of guest lecturers from business and other universities.

Of course, the opportunity to go on exchange studies for up to 12 months is also very exciting!

You entered the university during the global pandemics. How did it work – did you study remotely or travel to campus?

I arrived at Kaunas at the beginning of the semester, but at the end of the year, I came back to Ukraine because all the studies were online. Although I am very happy with my studies, and I enjoyed the possibility to attend the gym next to my dormitory, there were a lot of restrictions due to the pandemic. I would like to have some meetings with international students, some lectures on campus and visits to the companies. Hopefully, this will be possible when I will come back in September.

Tell us more about the process of applying for the scholarship.

All the information for the state scholarship for Ukrainian students was open on the website. The applying process was really easy, I got a lot of help from the staff of the KTU International Relations Department. The state-funding and Lithuanian culture were the main motivating factors for me to come here.

What do you appreciate about the Lithuanian culture?

Lithuanian culture is very similar to Ukrainian, and that’s why I feel very comfortable. A part of the older generation speaks Russian and almost all young people know English, so it is pretty easy to communicate. I was twice in Lithuania before my master’s and I liked its nature, architecture and history. Also, I like Kaunas. It’s smaller than Vilnius but also a very beautiful city with all the necessary infrastructure.

I think we like each other as nations. We have similar problems that’s why this cooperation and support is vital. I appreciate your attitude toward me as a Ukrainian.

How did you choose your major of studies?

I got my bachelor degree in International Economics so I decided to keep moving in the economics study field. In the future, I would like to combine PhD and working, (I hope to find an internship). Therefore, my main goal today is to write a great diploma thesis and I hope to get some valuable connections for my future career.

Source – Kaunas University of Technology (KTU)