Automatics and Electrical Engineering

Bachelor's studies (college) @ Šiaulių valstybinė kolegija / Šiauliai State University of Applied Sciences
All year Application date
3 years Study duration full-time
3000€ Tuition fee for Eu citizens

Programme overview

Modern technologies cover all areas of life, so employees who know automation are very much in demand. Automation and Electrical Engineering Study Programme prepares specialists capable to design energy supply and automation systems, organizing installation, operation and repair of electrical and automation equipment, and understanding how automation systems are controlled. This study programme should be chosen by those who like technology and science.

The interdisciplinary study programme, which develops special skills in electrical engineering and electronics engineering fields, leads to especially good employability of graduates.

Studies at Šiauliai State University of Applied Sciences can be combined with work – both in full-time and part-time modes. Individual solutions are sought on a case-by-case basis.

Why Šiauliai State University of Applied Sciences?

Students learn to automate production processes and work with modern electronic devices and their systems. Practical classes are held in an updated Technological Processes Automation laboratory. The employment prospects of graduates, i.e. specialists in the automation of technological lines, are particularly good.


Professional Bachelor of Engineering Sciences

Scope of the study

180 credits (ECTS)

Language of instruction


Tuition fee per year

Full-time – 3000 EUR

Part-time – 2250 EUR

Further possible career paths

Graduates of the Automation and Electrical Engineering Study Programme work as electrical engineers in electricity network companies and companies operating, installing and repairing electrical equipment and their control systems as well as in companies engaged in the automation of technological processes.

Studies can be continued at universities under the programmes of the Engineering Science study fields group in Electrical Engineering and Electronics Engineering fields.

Studies can be continued in universities following the study programmes in the fields of Engineering Sciences of Electrical Engineering and Electronics.

Further information can be found here.




Admission Requirements

The citizens of foreign countries – non-European Union member countries or other European Economic Area countries – are admitted to the Šiauliai State University of Applied Sciences in accordance with the procedure laid down in Admission Rules here.

Persons are admitted with secondary education. There are no entrance exams.

Further admission information can be found here.

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