January 13, 2021

Apply to Study in Lithuania this Autumn Semester NOW!

Just a reminder… From the beginning of the year the call for applications to study in Lithuanian universities this autumn semester is OPEN!

That’s right. You can apply online today and study in Lithuania later this year!

How to do that?

The application process is fairly simple. What you must do first is figure out which university you want to study at and which study programme you wish to choose.

The list of all available study programmes is here: https://studyin.lt/study-programmes/.
The list of all Lithuanian universities is here: https://studyin.lt/universities/.

Once you find the programme you are interested in – evaluate your academic background against the prerequisites of the study programme and see if you are really eligible to apply. If you are, in fact, eligible – click on “Apply Now” button at the bottom of the page. It will take you to the university’s website where you will find accurate, up-to-date instructions on application process, requirements and fees to apply to the study programme of your choice.

Don’t wait too long! The deadlines vary depending on the study programme.
The deadlines to apply for the autumn semester at most universities are in June, however, international students are strongly advised to apply as early as possible. So check for the deadline before-hand and make sure you don’t miss it.

Have any questions about this? ASK US!