Software Engineering

Bachelor's studies (college) @ Vilniaus kolegija / Higher Education Institution
30 Jun Application deadline
1 Sep Start date
3.5 years Study duration full-time
0€ Tuition fee for Eu citizens

Programme overview

Faculty Faculty of Electronics and Informatics
Study field Computing
Qualification Professional Bachelor of Computing
Form and duration of studies Full-time studies, 3.5 years
Credits 210

Career Prospects

Graduates will be able to work in IT market in the field of software systems development: design, programming, testing and support.

Learning Outcomes

You will be able to:

  • communicate in official and foreign languages;
  • share professional knowledge;
  • work in teams;
  • follow ethical and professional behavior;
  • evaluate and adapt market changes;
  • apply quality management methods;
  • study individually, deepen and renew knowledge, improve qualification;
  • analyze and design data structures;
  • design and implement algorithms using programming tools;
  • select and apply testing tools and methods;
  • prepare software user manual and its technical documentation;
  • design, create and modify databases;
  • design, create and modify software user interfaces;
  • design, create and modify software;
  • analyze, select and implement information security solutions;
  • create and modify data processing solutions;
  • administer database management systems;
  • create and modify Web-based services solutions;
  • Web-based services systems;
  • create and modify IoT solutions;
  • administer IoT systems.

Programme structure

Full-time studies
Degree Course 2019-2023

1st semester (30 credits)
Subject Credits Evaluation*
Professional English 6 E
Speciality Language 3 P
Mathematics 6 E
Operating Systems 6 E
Structured Programming 6 E
Introduction to Informatics 3 P
2nd semester (30 credits)
Subject Credits Evaluation *
Environmental and Civil Safety 3 P
Probability Theory and Statistics 3 P
Algorithms and Data Structures 6 E
Discrete Mathematics 3 E
Human-Computer Interaction Design 6 E
Computer Graphics 6 E
First Programming Practice 3 P
3rd semester (30 credits)
Subject Credits Evaluation *
Methods of Computation and Optimization 6 E
Database Design 6 E
Information Systems 3 E
Business Management Systems 3 P
Object-Oriented Programming 6 E
Management 3 P
Second Programming Practice 3 P
4th semester (30 credits)
Subject Credits Evaluation *
Sociology 3 P
Law 3 P
Computers and Network 6 E
Multithreaded Programming 3 E
Web Services 6 E
Information Security 6 E
Database Practice 3 P
5th semester (27 credits)
Subject Credits Evaluation *
Economics 3 P
Software Testing 3 E
Software Engineering 3 E
Optional subject(s) 6 P
Specialization: Database Systems
Database Management Systems 6 E
Data Mining 6 E
Specialization: Internet Technologies
Client-side Web Development 6 E
Server-Side Web Development 6 E
Specialization: Smart Device Programming
Hybrid Mobile Apps 6 E
Native Mobile Apps 6 E
6th semester (33 credits)
Subject Credits Evaluation *
Artificial Intelligence 6 E
Project Management 3 E
Professional Practice 12 P
Optional subject(s) 6 P
Specialization: Database Systems
Database Server Administration 3 E
Non-Relational Databases 3 E
Specialization: Internet Technologies
Web Security 3 E
Search Engine Optimization 3 E
Specialization: Smart Device Programming
Internet of Things 3 E
Smart Device Programming 3 E
7th semester (30 credits)
Subject Credits Evaluation *
Final Practice 15 P
Final Project 15 Defense

Optional subjects are freely selectable subjects from the list of predefined subjects.

* E – exam, P – project

Admission Requirements

1. A secondary education or a corresponding qualification

A secondary education or a corresponding qualification giving access to higher education in Lithuania.
Note. The academic assessment and recognition of your education documents will be processed by VIKO.

2. English language requirements:

  • CEFR B2 level
  • IELTS overall score 5.5
  • TOELF overall score 55

Note. IELTS or TEOLF test score is valid 2 years only and older tests are not accepted.

If you cannot provide a proof of your English language proficiency you can register for a free of charge online English language test performed by VIKO. The test can be completed only during the admission period.

Note. Exceptions are made only for native speakers and applicants who have completed their previous studies fully in English

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