Politics of Global Challenges

Bachelor's studies (university) @ Vilnius University
1 Jul Application deadline
1 Sep Start date
4 years Study duration full-time
2954€ Tuition fee for Eu citizens

Programme overview

Pandemics, migration, an ageing population, rapid technological change, growing inequality, ecology, and the crisis of democracy – we live in a rapidly changing global world. To solve this, it is no longer enough to work one by one. Therefore, this programme aims to prepare professionals for future politics, who would not only be able to reach out to different groups (politicians, business representatives, non-governmental organizations, IT specialists, etc.) but also bring them together.

The programme focuses on the most pressing issues currently affecting the development of states and societies. During the programme, you will examine practical dilemmas arising because of transformations and innovations in society, technology, politics and other areas. Teams of different scientists and lecturers will introduce you to the basics of philosophy, political science, biochemistry, technology, public administration, and IT. This knowledge will be vastly applicable on your way to your dream career. During your studies, you will learn to work in a team, develop persuasive and argumentative public speaking skills, and improve your presentation and creative writing competencies in various workshops. You will have the opportunity to spend at least one semester at the most advanced foreign universities, where you will have the opportunity to study contemporary challenges and meet the best foreign experts in their fields in an international environment.

Why this programme?

  • A rapidly evolving, competitive, international community
  • Synthesis of social and exact sciences; – Possibility to master the most advanced social research methodologies and tools
  • Studies focused on personal responsibility and leadership
  • At least one semester at the most advanced universities abroad
  • Opportunity to grow in an environment open to discussion and diversity of views

What’s after?

  • Graduates of the Politics of Global Challenges programme will be able to fulfil themselves in innovative private businesses and public sector institutions in the fields of sustainability, innovation, ethics, risk management, environment, renewable resources, technology applications, as well as research companies, public relations agencies, and the media. Some graduates will be directly involved in national and international political decision-making and the implementation of political processes.
  • Graduates of this study programme will be able to continue their studies in various master’s study programmes in the fields of social sciences and humanities or in interdisciplinary studies and later will be able to pursue a scientific or pedagogical degree.

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