Mathematics of Modern Technologies

Bachelor's studies (university) @ Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (VILNIUS TECH)
15 Jun Application deadline
1 Sep Start date
4 years Study duration full-time
3727€ Tuition fee for Eu citizens

Programme overview


Degree Bachelor of Mathematical Sciences
Length, structure
4 years (8 semesters), internship included in the programme. Graduation is finalized with the defense of Final project
Tuition fee for non EU citizens
4050 EUR per year
For EU citizens same prices as for local students apply, for details click here.
Start 1st of September
Main subjects Discrete Mathematics, Big Data, Insurance, Databases, Project Management, Decision Making, Machine Learning, Digital Image Algebra, Financial Engineering and Modelling, Computing, Optimization Methods.


We will not surprise anyone when we say that we use various smart devices or come across digital products every day, maybe we have even heard something about digital currencies. You can only be surprised by the fact that all this is related to mathematics in one way or another. The math behind today’s products isn’t terribly complicated once you get the hang of it. It is like the language of modern technology. We all know the alphabet of this language, but not all of us can create new digital products, ensure the safe and perfect operation of new systems.
If you want to change the world and be not only a user, but also a developer of new safe products, associate your activities with the management, processing and analysis of large flows of information, or maybe you are interested in the possibilities of artificial intelligence, then mathematics of modern technologies will open the door to these activities for you. Here you will find a friendly community that will be ready to help you and all the conditions to realize yourself.


After completion of Mathematics of Modern Technologies first cycle study programme you will be able to apply knowledge to develop new high-tech-based products and services, based on the application of mathematics in different fields of life. You will know general laws of mathematics and informatics, develop your logical thinking, and will be able to work individually and in a team.


You will have plenty of opportunities to apply and diversity your skills through graduate projects, internships, career programmes, clubs and societies.


The programme of Mathematics of Modern Technologies aims to prepare high-level professionals who are not only experts of classical mathematics, but are also capable of applying several fields of science at once. Graduates transform their acquired knowledge and understand the application of mathematics in various fields of life including the financial sector, activities of insurance companies, electronics, medicine, information technology, service and other fields. Acquired education will present you with different possibilities. Independent, pro-innovation personalities are always desirable in various companies and institutions.

We believe that graduates of this study programme have advantages in the labour market as they do have a wide range vision and are acquainted with various products. Deep knowledge of mathematics and logical analytical thinking will allow one to transform knowledge of different fields in search of new technological solutions, development of new services, forecasting and assessing market situation. As the programme of Mathematics of Modern Technologies is prepared in cooperation with social partners, it is estimated that partner companies could employ a portion of the study programme graduates each year.

Programme structure

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Admission Requirements

Admission requirements

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