Logistics and Commerce

Bachelor's studies (university) @ Vytautas Magnus University
10 Dec Application deadline
1 Feb Start date
3.5 years Study duration full-time
2704€ Tuition fee for Eu citizens

Programme overview

Professional who is able to create, qualitatively implement and manage logistics activities sustainable to environment, the ones who knows well the latest commercial trends and methodology and are able to use IT programmes in the field of logistics are on high demand nowadays. If there is a trade, logistics is needed and if you know logistics and commerce, it is perfect background for shaping your future.

Why Logistics and Commerce programme?

  • Logistics and commerce create the comfort of today’s society;
  • Transport systems connect the whole World – logistics specialists are needed everywhere, where are transport operations (transportation of goods);
  • With the strong knowledge and wide approach, you will become a highly demanded specialist with job opportunities in the biggest logistics and commerce companies;
  • You will be able to work in domestic or international companies;
  • You will get the knowledge of economics, management, and entrepreneurship, so you’ll become a professional in the biggest companies, create your own successful business or continue your studies on the MSc level.

The outcomes of study programme

Upon the completion of the study programme, You will be able to:

  • plan, forecast and evaluate the development results of those businesses;
  • apply basic theoretical assertions or theories in justifying decisions in logistic or trading business;
  • plan, forecast and evaluate the development and results in logistics and trading business;
  • implement business development projects and to apply legislation governing the operations and business activities.

Programme structure

During the first two years of studies university provides a list of courses in the fields of social sciences, humanities, biomedical, physical, and technological sciences as well as Arts and foreign languages for students to get interdisciplinary knowledge and abilities. Curriculum combines elective and compulsory courses during the first two years of studies. Mathematics, Micro and Macro Economics, Finances, Human Resources Management, Logistics Equipment and Technology is just a part of  compulsory courses list.

Third year curriculum is focused to the programme. You will get the knowledge of Consumer Behavior, Entrepreneurship training, International Trade, and other courses.

The final semester studies is for doing internship and Bachelor degree thesis (paper work) preparation.


Admission Requirements

  • A high school diploma or equivalent degree.
  • Proof of English Language: applicant has to present document proving B2 level (TOEFL 87 iBT/534, IELTS 5.5 or any other document proving B2 level) if the applicant had not received education in English. After admission all students have to take English language test at the Institute of Foreign Languages at Vytautas Magnus University. If English level will be below B2 students will have to study English to reach C1 level (in first four semesters of Bachelor studies).
  • Admission score counting is based on: Mathematics * 0.4 + English * 0.4 + Motivation letter/Interview * 0.2.
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