International Communication

Master‘s studies @ Vilnius University
1 Jul Application deadline
1 Sep Start date
1.5 years Study duration full-time
4384€ Tuition fee for Eu citizens

Programme overview

The study programme is an exclusive one in the Baltic region. It provides competencies needed for corporate communication professionals and those willing to tie their careers with international corporations working as CSR or PR specialists or consultants.

The programme’s goal is to provide:

  • Broad and profound knowledge of international, cross-cultural corporate communication
  • Form practical skills necessary for professional activities.

The programme is focused on providing additional qualifications, which enable seeing and evaluating various communication processes from the global perspective, rather than on educating a specialist for a certain narrow area of activities.

Why this programme?

  • The programme is developed in close cooperation with the Faculty of Communication’s foreign business and academic partners to complete a curriculum that provides corporate communication competencies, which encourages competing at the international level.

What’s after?

  • Graduates can work in government, business and non-profit institutions, multinational corporations or institutions in the European Union. They can also be an entrepreneur in their own right or a professional consultant in the fields of public relations, international media or international management.

“International Communication program provides a broad basis for young professionals to enter the field of communication. Unlike most study programs, it combines the rigorous scientific approach of a research university with the practically orientated hands-on methods for allied science institutions. This combination enables the program graduates to develop and apply abstract solutions to concrete problems.”

Emil Slott, graduate from Denmark

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