Master‘s studies @ Klaipeda University
1 Jun Application deadline
1 Sep Start date
2 years Study duration full-time
5266€ Tuition fee for Eu citizens

Programme overview

Students on this study programme will be provided with knowledge, skills, and qualifications to work on more complex levels of engineering. It will prepare them with excellent foundations for experimental development in the electronics-engineering field within industry and scientific organisations. They will learn the modelling of electronics and control systems, and understand the principles of circular economy.

Students acquire skills and knowledge in Industry 4.0, ecodesign, AI and advanced robotics, and diagnostics. All study modules come with theoretical and practical research work. Students have the opportunity to conduct research, and to participate in research internships and research projects either in Lithuania or abroad.

Successful Master’s graduates will pursue opportunities in complex  engineering projects and experimental development in the electronics-engineering field – across both industry and scientific organisations. They also wish to pursue a scientific or academic career by entering PhD studies.

Application fee: The Application fee for degree study programmes is for citizens of the EU member states or countries of the European Economic Area (Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Belarus, Armenia, and Azerbaijan), as well as those who have a permanent residence permit in the Republic of Lithuania: €75. For other students: €180. (Application fee is non refundable).

Online application: www.apply.ku.lt 

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