Information Systems Engineering

Bachelor's studies (college) @ Utenos kolegija/ University of Applied Sciences
23 Dec Application deadline
1 Feb Start date
3 years Study duration full-time
2400€ Tuition fee for Eu citizens

Programme overview

The objective of the Information Systems Engineering study programme is to prepare highly skilled professional bachelor of Information Systems Engineering, who can create and support high information systems level in organizations; exploit/maintain and control computer and their systems technical and software devices, which match region, state and foreign market demand; graduates will be able to compete in a constantly changing labour market, to improve constantly and work in a globalized change conditions.

Possible specializations: Management of Computer Systems, Management of Internet Projects, Programming for Mobile Devices.

The graduates will be able to work in the various branches of information engineering:

  • perform basic PC and peripheral hardware maintenance;
  • exploitation computer software;
  • project, install and exploitation local area network and integrate to the global network;
  • manage and control the resources of information;
  • provide development perspectives of information systems;
  • set information technology economically justified demand enterprise information services strategy;
  • model and manage a project of the computer network;
  • read, analyze and model graphics images with various program devices;
  • model and manage projects of mobile devices.
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