Master‘s studies @ Vilnius University
1 Jul Application deadline
1 Sep Start date
2 years Study duration full-time
5266€ Tuition fee for Eu citizens

Programme overview

The main goal of the Informatics study programme is to prepare highly qualified IT specialists, which can carry out independent research work, continue Doctoral studies in Lithuanian and foreign universities, as well as develop software development and maintenance projects, and successfully compete for IT jobs both in Lithuanian and foreign companies.

Why this programme?

  • Modern computer-and software-based systems tend to become more complex and interconnected while being deployed in various, very different application areas. To design, develop and apply such systems, a graduate needs to acquire a broad set of diverse competencies and skills.
  • The Informatics programme aims to give such a combination of necessary knowledge and skills, including, in particular, system modelling and design, data analytics and artificial intelligence, cloud computing, etc.

What’s after?

  • After completing the Informatics study programme, a graduate can understand the involved processes of diverse computerized application areas and create their informational models, acquired sufficient professional competence and knowledge for performing complex tasks of computer systems’ design and development.
  • Informatics graduates can be employed as analysts, designers and programmers in large projects of private companies and/or research institutions, and are capable of mastering new methods and technologies independently and applying them in practice.


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