Game Development

Bachelor's studies (college) @ Vilnius Business College / University of Applied Sciences
31 Jul Application deadline
26 Sep Start date
3 years Study duration full-time
3400€ Tuition fee for Eu citizens

Programme overview

Computer games keep stimulating the ever growing market of gaming industry. According to experts‘ opinion, by the year 2020 its value will have reached more than 230 bln. US dollars. This VVK study programme is intended for those who wish and seek to become a part of this market.

Degree awarded: Professional Bachelor’s degree in Computing
Study field: Informatics
Duration: Full-time: 3 years
Credits: (ECTS) 180
Language: English

Programme objective: To prepare a specialist, who is able to create media systems, computer games, attractive online information systems; who has professional programming skills, the knowledge of principals of human-computer interaction, computer audio and video processing, who would have the basics of creative visual thinking. Such specialist can work as a programmer or as a developer-designer at any company, which creates computer games, develops and (or) uses media technologies either on his/her own or by establishing his/her company as well as  being a part of an IT team in any IT company.

Programme learning outcomes: You will learn information technology applications, programming basics, computer graphics and animation, computer design basics, 3D graphics and animation, object-oriented programming, content management systems and computer games. You will learn to develop audio visual technology, interactive media components, smart devices and other multimedia, also games with Unity3D engine.

Career prospects

You will become: programmer, audio and video processing specialist, IT team member for any company which uses information technologies, or you could work in your own established IT services company.

You will also:

  • become a specialist of the most demanded profession at this moment
  • create computer games and mobile applications
  • apply knowledge of web and modern communications technology
  • create attractive online information systems
  • work in a highly advanced job field.

Prospects for the internship/placement: from all the fields of ICT specialities, computer programmers remain the most demanded specialists in the market. The computer gaming industry has already surpassed the film industry by popularity. Computer game development is an innovative and promising technology and must be observed from a creative perspective. It provides career opportunities for energetic and creative IT students.

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