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3 years Study duration full-time
2463€ Tuition fee for Eu citizens

Programme overview


Program objectives:

  • To prepare qualified forestry specialists of higher education capable of independent and efficient management of state and private forests, increasing their productivity, conserving biodiversity and nature values.
  • To educate creatively thinking specialists able to communicate, to work in a team, to feel responsible for work results.

Acquired competencies

The graduates will be able to:

  • organize forest seed breeding and production of seedlings for reforestation;
  • tend stands of different species composition, structure and functional destination;
  • apply forest protection measures against diseases, pests and fire;
  • conserve and cherish biodiversity;
  • carry out forest inventories and to evaluate mensuration indices of forest and its products;
  • plan multiple sustainable forest use;
  • select machinery for forestry operations;
  • elaborate plan of activities of a certain forestry unit and to assess its efficiency;
  • prepare and manage documentation related to financial-economic activities;
  • analyse stand productivity increment problems;
  • tackle problems of rational hunting management;
  • apply modern logging technologies;
  • estimate commercial value of roundwood and sawn wood.

Programme Branches:

  • Forest growing (Multi-functional use of forest resources)
  • Nature tourism
  • Forest management
  • Timber harvesting
  • Timber processing
  • Fundamentals of plantation forestry (short-rotation and other plantations)
  • Private ownership forestry

Professional perspectives

The graduates can work in forest enterprises, forest districts, nurseries, research institutes, cooperatives serving to private forest owners, establish small or medium forestry-related business enterprises.

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