English Language and Literature

Bachelor's studies (university) @ LCC International University
All year Application date
4 years Study duration full-time
3180€ Tuition fee for Eu citizens

A degree in English is a valuable tool as you build your professional and academic career. Students of linguistics, literature, and education enjoy learning in an international setting. The LCC English department promotes learning, teaching and research of topics that emphasize the current global importance of the English language and its traditions.

Successful graduates are impacting our world by:
Earning a master’s degree in Cultural Studies
Earning a PhD in literature
Teaching English to adults, teens and children in Great Britain, Russian, China, and Lithuania
Managing translation services and doing freelance translation
Working at a global wireless tech company, Lithuania
Working as a labeling technician in a spinal fusion company, U.S.A.
Managing customer relations in an IT company, Ukraine
Directing sales in multinational computer technology corporation, Romania

Career Opportunities

The English Language and Literature program is designed for a wide range of future possibilities because it includes preparation in the fields of teaching, translation and interpretation, and literature. Students choose the English program because they wish to be involved in the international world of teaching, business, government, international affairs, peacemaking and any occupation that calls for highly-developed skills in oral and written communication.
The international nature of LCC International University provides an excellent context for linguistics. Students will live and study in a multicultural environment so students observe theory being practiced both in the classroom and immediately outside the classroom.

Program Basics

English majors build their own program based on their interests and abilities.

Teaching English
If you are interested in teaching, you will want to take more classes in pedagogy and language acquisition. You will have a practicum experience in a local public school or language center where you will improve your teaching skills.

Translation/ Interpretation
If you are interested in translation, you will take courses in phonetics and translation skills. You will practice your skill with professionals off campus in your practicum course. As an international campus with many activities and events, you will have many opportunities to practice your skills on campus as well.

If you are interested in literature, we have a wide range of literature classes from international to American to British literature. You will have the option to publish your own work or work on projects that promote literature and drama on campus.