Emergency Medical Aid

Bachelor's studies (college) @ St. Ignatius of Loyola University of Applied Sciences
All year Application date
3 years Study duration full-time
5200€ Tuition fee for Eu citizens

Programme overview

The aim of Emergency Medical Aid study programme is to provide higher college education in the field of medical technology which meets the European standards by preparing  specialist capable of providing the first and the necessary / emergency medical aid independently or with a medical team to persons of different ages, depending on the nature of injuries suffered and the degree of disorder of vital functions as well as of transporting patients and accident victims to medical facilities to ensure the necessary support of vital functions.

Distinctive features of a study programme: Emergency Medical Aid is the only study programme in Lithuania, training emergency medical professionals capable of providing immediate aid to patients of different age groups.

State code: 6531GX010
Field of studies: Medical technology
Area of studies: Health Sciences
Mode of Studies: full-time studies
Lenght of Programme: 3 academic years (180 ECTS)
Name of Qualification: Professional bachelor of health sciences and Qualification of Emergency Paramedic

The acquired Professional Bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences and Emergency Medical Aid paramedic qualification enables the graduate to work in rehabilitation centers, hospitals and other health care institutions as well as to cooperate with other health care team members.

Access to further study: Graduates of the first level college studies will be able to continue their studies on the basis of second level studies in health sciences study programs. Studies can be continued in Master’s programs: Rehabilitation, Nursing, Public Health, Public Health Management, Complementary and Alternative Medicine.

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