Computer Science

Bachelor's studies (university) @ European Humanities University
All year Application date
3.5 years Study duration full-time
1800€ Tuition fee for Eu citizens

Programme overview

The full-time program (with a course load of 30 credits per semester) is offered in two formats – oncampus and online. With on-campus learning, students live and study in Vilnius, attending classes both offline and online. The online format involves distance learning from Monday to Friday during the day, with two to three offline sessions of up to five days throughout the academic year. For online learning, students can be located in any country but must attend the on-campus sessions held on location in Vilnius.

The part-time program is a less intensive form of learning (21–24 credits per semester) with regular online classes during non-working hours and mandatory offline sessions two to three times a year. Students can work or study simultaneously.

Programme structure


The educational program is designed in collaboration with the practicing specialists from EPAM and is based on modern industry requirements.

Beginning with the first semester, students can choose one of three specializations – Java EE, .Net, or JavaScript/TypeScript. One of these technologies is studied intensively for four semesters.

All students study the Python programming language as part of the subjects “Algorithms and Data Structures,” “Theory of Probability, Math Statistics, and Data Analysis,” “Machine Learning,” and “Image Processing & Computer Vision.”

The program includes subjects that will help students acquire practical competencies and develop soft skills.

Fundamental knowledge in the field of digital product development is complemented by subjects that cover the main trends in the development of the IT industry: “Cloud technologies,” “Machine Learning,” and “Cryptography & Blockchain.”

Instruction is in Russian, with a gradual transition to English in the senior year. During the first two semesters, students take an intensive English language course, and English-language educational materials are widely used throughout the program.

Admission Requirements

In 2024, entrance exams for the “Informatics” program will not be held. Students will be admitted based on the results of state exams (CT, ZNO, EGE, Matura) and their high school grade point average (GPA). Citizens and residents of the Republic of Lithuania can compete for admission on the same terms as citizens of other countries and also submit documents through the LAMA BPO system.

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