Business Management

Bachelor's studies (university) @ Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (VILNIUS TECH)
15 Jun Application deadline
1 Sep Start date
4 years Study duration full-time
2865€ Tuition fee for Eu citizens

Programme overview

Degree Bachelor of Business Administration
Length, structure
4 years (8 semesters), internship included in the programme. Graduation is finalized with the defense of Final thesis
Specializations Marketing management, Financial Management
Main subjects Financial solutions, Business finance, Economical activities, Market research and marketing, Management information systems, Negotiating technique and protocol, Marketing management, International economics and management.


Magic and business. These words do not seem to have anything in common, don’t they? Of course “magic” means something we do not understand and fail to explain. Whereas “management” stands for technology that helps to materialize something intangible, brings benefits, and is capable to provide employment. In this respect, management is close to magic. Isn’t it magic when we use our limited resources to satisfy our infinite needs?

Nevertheless, management is a practical discipline that analyzes organizational management and control.

Business Management study programme provides students with integrated knowledge of business management and other professional activities. To put it differently, it helps understand the advanced business development processes, such as design and organization of activities, management standards and methods.

Can you imagine in the position of a person responsible for business success? Your task is to recruit right people, manage projects, advertising campaigns, finances, and/or implement information technologies, and many other things and responsibilities that determine you success in a competitive market. We are exposed to a myriad of brands on a daily basis, and we constantly hear about business representatives in Forbes Magazine list. Their success was determined by comprehensive knowledge of business and economics, which helped them materialize their ideas.
Besides classical and modern economic and management theories, this study programme provides fundamental knowledge of the newest technologies, such as information and production technologies, e-commerce, e-marketing. Also, the programme fosters cognition based on business understanding that requires knowledge of economics, business basics, negotiation, finance, and legislation.

Business Management study programme is aimed at those, who see themselves in managerial positions, are interested in business and its processes, are willing to gain modern business management skills. This study programme is an ideal choice for those, who want to accelerate their career, learn about the establishment of business and its management. The comprehensive knowledge in various fields (from finance to communication) develop skills, necessary for running a business venture.


Some key abilities and knowledge that Financial Engineering study programme helps students develop and acquire include:
    • Knowledge of economics, management, business management psychology, corporate finance and law, IT basics;
    • Knowledge of both traditional and e-business management and design;
    • Knowledge of enterprise condition and development possibilities assessment models;
    • The ability to carry out an enterprise condition and development possibilities assessment;
    • The ability to plan, organize, coordinate business and implement innovative business solutions;
    • The ability to prepare, measure and implement business projects;
    • The ability to create and develop business.

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