December 12, 2022

Accounting and Finance / Учет и Финансы (in Russian/English)

The aim of the programme is to prepare highly qualified specialist in accounting and finance, holding knowledge in the sciences of accounting and finance, knowing the principles and methods of accounting organization and handling, financial analysis and management models, capable of independent formation and critical assessment of the financial and tax accounting policy, deal with financial management problems, plan, organize, control and assess the finances of business, public and non-profit organizations and substantiate the financial management decisions under the constantly changing conditions.

Why to choose this programme?

  • Accounting is a business language, that helps to understand the meaning of numbers and the significant processes that takes place in any company.
  • Programme prepares highly qualified, innovative financiers that operates creative, digitized accounting, sustainable (green) financial management, tax optimization, organizational value creation, risk management and assessment of future opportunities.
  • You will be prepared for managing both – accounting and finances.
  • You will be able to help the managers of the biggest companies to make the right decisions how successfully manage the business.
  • Every business needs its professional accountant – you will have wide job opportunities and a possibility to choose whether you want to lead a company or manage your own business.

Language of instruction: First study year is taught in Russian, from the second-year language of instruction is English.

About the Programme

The study program allows to develop the general erudition and special abilities, as well as to provide the fundamental and applied knowledge which necessary for accounting, financial management and for further studies at a higher level. Small and medium business organizations dominate in majority of the countries, this require a universal specialist, who is a good judge of the principles and methods of accounting organization, management, financial analysis and management; is able independently to formulate and critically evaluate financial and tax accounting policies; to solve the problems of accounting and financial management; is able to plan, organize, control and evaluate the finances of business and public organizations and justify the financial management decisions on an ever-changing environment. Completing of this study program provided bachelor’s degree of Business Management.


Internship is a part of the programme curriculum. You will be able to do it at business companies, public sector establishments and other organizations. During the internship you will learn formation of the accounting policy and organization of the accounting and finance at the entity, enhance your theoretical knowledge in accounting and finance, and develop practical skills in accounting and financial management. You will learn with the organizational structure, its recent years’ activity, performance, and prospects, procedures at the company and accounting procedures as well as financial and tax reporting. Training Internship on accounting information technologies is focused on further development of practical skills acquired as you work with accounting information systems.

Competencies acquired

Following completion of the study programme You will be able to:

  • handle financial, tax and management accounting at organizations, form the accounting policy ensuring effectiveness of the accounting system and validity of the accounting information.
  • control the assets and equity, transactions, and performance results of the organizations.
  • identify the accounting and financial management problems and the available solutions.
  • organize and conduct audit and document its results.
  • apply mathematical and statistical methods and modern information technologies necessary for the analysis and assessment of economic and social phenomena and processes.
  • to work as chief accountant, accountant, financial analyst, financial manager, internal auditor in national and international business enterprises, public sector organizations, audit firms, institutions of tax, insurance, controlling, consulting, finance.
  • Independently as self-employed to provide accounting, tax and consulting services.
  • To continue your studies in master degree of accounting, finance, economics, management and business administration, and other social sciences.

Student testimonials

Choosing to study at Vytautas Magnus University Agriculture Academy, firstly I liked the website and campus of VMU Agriculture Academy, secondly, I found the right, really good faculty and study programme for myself, thirdly, the best point is that Lithuania is in the middle of Europe, so I can easily travel to other countries and see the world. While studying at VMU Agriculture Academy I have met a lot of international students, which enriched me as a person. It’s an invaluable experience. 
Daniya Mazhikova, Accounting and Finance student. Kazakhstan

While studying the subjects of the Accounting and Finance study program, I learned the most important things – how to manage the accounting of companies and farms and how to manage business finances. In the future, this knowledge will help you to enter the market as a competitive professional and apply it in the daily activities.
Tomas Diliūnas, Accounting and Finance graduate. Lithuania

Accounting and Finance studies was the first purposeful step in my future professional activities. Obtaining a broad-based diploma will give you the opportunity to expand your job search, not just stay in accounting. I value my studies at Vytautas Magnus University not only because of the acquired knowledge, the flexibility of the faculty, but also because of my expanded worldview, the development of social contacts and the possibility of additional activities. This ensured my complete improvement. I was able to put a lot of management knowledge into practice, because I was actively involved in student activities, for which I am very grateful to everyone who contributed. It was undoubtedly one of the most colourful years that will be remembered all the time due to the wonderful VMU Agriculture Academy community.
Jūratė Lideikytė, Accounting and Finance graduate. Lithuania

September 7, 2022

Polish Philology

The aim of the programme is to provide students with a solid foundation of knowledge in the field of linguistics and literary criticism; deepen their understanding of Polish culture; improve communication skills in Polish (up to C1-C2 level), as well as the ability to analyze and evaluate the phenomena of the Polish language and literature in a broad scientific context.

Candidates who do not speak Polish and who start learning Polish from the beginning are also accepted. In the 1st year, we offer training in separate groups, corresponding to the level of language training.

Why this programme?

  • A comprehensive study of the Polish language, literature and culture at a university with a rich academic tradition at the crossroads of cultures between East and West;
  • during academic and professional practice, students develop critical thinking and the ability to study independently, communicate and collaborate in a multicultural environment, and improve their skills in the field of research work, editing, translation, and teaching methods of Polish, as well as the popularization of Polish culture.
  • the ability to choose up to 50% of the training programme in accordance with interests: one of 20 languages, disciplines in other areas;
  • the opportunity to study for 1 or 2 semesters at partner universities of higher education in Poland or in another EU state, as well as to do an internship abroad.

What’s after?

Graduates can:

  • work in translation agencies, editorial offices, publishing houses, museums, travel agencies, working for foreign embassies or other companies and institutions where excellent command of the Polish language is required, as well as interpersonal and intercultural communication skills, are required;
  • pursue a master’s degree in the humanities or social sciences.
September 2, 2022

Russian Philology

The programme aims at providing fundamentals in linguistics and literary theory, developing communication abilities in Russian (C1-C2). During practical training at the University and professional practice period, students will acquire the basic skills of editing, translation and/or interpretation, teaching Russian as a foreign language, culture dissemination (e.g., tour guide) or research.

Why this programme?

  • Russian philology gives an opportunity to understand Russian culture and analyze and evaluate the phenomena of the Russian language and literature in a broader linguistic and literary context, as well as abilities of critical thinking, independent learning, communication and cooperation in a multicultural environment.
  • Russian culture and civilization cause unabated interest in Europe and the whole world, and there is a constant lack of qualified experts in this area.
  • Russian philology is the only programme in Lithuania that provides for the training of specialists who combine the achievements of Russian and world science in the unique intercultural situation of Lithuania.
  • During studies, there is an opportunity to visit student exchange programmes in 108 foreign universities. Students of Russian Philology can also apply to study in Russia according to a three-party agreement and receive a full scholarship.

What’s after?

Graduates can:

  • work in translation, public relations, editorial offices, publishing houses, journalism, museums,  teaching, marketing, and working for foreign embassies or other companies and institutions where excellent command of the Russian language and interpersonal and intercultural communication skills are required;
  • pursue a master’s degree in the humanities or social sciences.

August 31, 2022

German Philology

The programme offers the students solid written and spoken communication skills for workplace success in German (C1–C2), fundamentals in German linguistics, literature, and culture of the German-speaking countries.

The curriculum includes a diverse range of course units designed to help students to develop their:

  • Language skills;
  • advanced writing;
  • speaking and research skills;
  • analytical and critical thinking;
  • problem-solving and rhetorical skills;
  • gaining knowledge of culture and history, which will allow them to understand the complex modern world today.

Why this programme?

  • A wide range of courses in German linguistics, German, Austrian and Swiss literature, and culture at the biggest centre of German studies in the Baltic.
  • A flexible and student-oriented curriculum: choosing up to 50 per cent of the courses according to your interests.
  • An opportunity to choose from various options of internship and work placement.

What’s after?

  • Successful careers in local and global labour markets.
  • Employment in the fields of teaching, translation, tourism, logistics, public relations, research, content creating, marketing, working for foreign embassies, government, and European Union institutions etc.
  • Further studies for a Master’s degree in Arts, Humanities or Social sciences.

May 5, 2022

Construction / СТРОИТЕЛЬСТВО

Цель программы обучения подготовить творчески мыслящего, коммуникабельного, ответственного инженера строительных конструкций, способного:

  • самостоятельно планировать и организовать работу, быть техническим руководителем строительных работ;
  • совершенствоваться в профессиональной деятельности.

Академическая степень
рофессиональный бакалавр инженерии

Форма и срок обучения
обучение 3 года, 6 семестров;
4 года, 8 семестров.

Направление обучения

Язык обучения
Русский язык

Объем обучения в кредитах
180 кредитов (ECTS)

Цена обучения за год
пожалуйста свяжитесь

Возможности карьеры
и могут работать в фирмах архитектурностроительного проектирования, на государственных и частных предприятиях, в закрытых акционерных обществах руководителями строительства, сметчиками, открыть персональные предприятия, а также продолжать обучение в университетах.

Дополнительная информация. 


June 14, 2021

Avionics Systems Engineering

Avionics Systems Engineering programme is aimed at preparing future aircraft electrical and electronics engineers.

This study programme will allow you to gain not only theoretical, but also practical knowledge. Future avionics engineers study mathematics, physics, IT, engineering graphics, microprocessors, electronics, aircarft computers, wireless communications, navigation systems, etc. The knowledge gained is consolidated and improved during practical training and internships, which last 20 weeks altogether and are conducted in three stages:

  1. Introductory training;
  2. Aircraft technology internship;
  3. Final internship.

After graduation you will be able to work in Lithuanian and foreign civil aviation companies, military air force and home affairs system, air transport companies as aircraft continuing airworthiness maintenance specialists, as well as in government institutions responsible for flight safety assurance, airports and their units and other companies that require aeronautical / avionics engineers and technicians.

April 22, 2021

Image Design

Studies Area: Arts

Study Mode: full time studies, 3 years (6 semesters, 180 ECTS)

Language of Instruction: Russian

Delivered at: Faculty of Arts and Education

Qualification to be Awarded: Professional Bachelor of Arts

General description: The aim of Image Design study programme is to train image design specialists able to react to market needs, form customer‘s image, create, realize and present image project to an individual or a group, cooperate with specialists of other fields referring to the newest technological achievements, organize image designer‘s performance.

April 7, 2021

Медиа и коммуникация

О программе

  • международная академическая среда;
  • уникальный учебный план и практическая ориентированность программы;
  • новейшая техническая база — медиацентр ЕГУ, созданный при поддержке международных партнеров BBC MEDIA ACTION;
  • международные проекты и программы обучения в области  теле- и радиожурналистики;
  • возможность реализации студенческих проектов и формирования рабочего творческого портфолио;
  • возможность продолжения обучения в магистратурах Европы и США.

Карьерные возможности

  • медианалитик и исследователь в области аудиовизуальных коммуникаций;
  • менеджер и продюсер производства и продвижения медиапродуктов;
  • журналист и редактор;
  • специалист в области радиожурналистики и телевизионного производства.

Языки преподавания

Русский и английский

April 7, 2021

Европейское наследие

О программе

Программа разработана и реализуется Департаментом гуманитарных наук и искусств с 2019 года с учетом опыта реализации предшествующих учебных программ («Туризм и наследие», «Музейное дело и охрана памятников истории и культуры», «Культурное наследие и туризм») и актуальных европейских тенденций развития сферы культуры и творчества.

  • ориентированность на подготовку специалиста по разработке инновационных продуктов с использованием потенциала культурного наследия;
  • уникальный учебный план и возможность формирования индивидуальных образовательных траекторий;
  • освоение передовых международно признанных методологий проектного подхода в профессиональной деятельности;
  • закрепление полученных знаний в процессе практик в Вильнюсе, Санкт-Петербурге, Флоренции и Афинах;
  • два иностранных языка — английский и немецкий;
  • возможность участия в международных программах студенческого обмена – Erasmus+, Германская служба академических обменов (DAAD), Bard College Network (США) и других

Карьерные возможности

  • Сотрудник или независимый эксперт/консультант международных, государственных и негосударственных структур, осуществляющих управление, коммерческую, некоммерческую и исследовательскую деятельность, ориентированную на объекты культурного наследия;
  • Профессиональная деятельность в качестве члена команды проекта, представителя заказчика, финансирующей организации или эксперта/консультанта, организатора и руководителя собственного бизнеса;
  • Полученная квалификация является прочной основой для карьерного роста и продолжения образования в магистратуре по широкому спектру направлений.

Языки преподавания

Русский и английский

April 7, 2021

Визуальный дизайн

О программе

  • Исследование культурной среды и создание дизайн-проектов в Вильнюсе, Флоренции, Санкт-Петербурге, Афинах;
  • Уникальный учебный план и возможность формирования индивидуальных траекторий;
  • Проектный подход к обучению, подготовка собственных ежегодных проектов и формирование творческого портфолио;
  • Практика в анимационных студиях и дизайн-агентствах Литвы и других стран ЕС;
  • Мастер-классы под руководством профессионалов из Эстонии, Франции, Португалии, России, Литвы.

Карьерные возможности

  • Дизайнер, web-дизайнер, TV-дизайнер;
  • Художник-иллюстратор электронных и бумажных изданий;
  • Художник-аниматор 2D и 3D, 3D-художник;
  • Дизайнер интерфейсов приложений и игр;
  • Художник по концепту;
  • Арт-директор;
  • Возможность продолжения обучения в магистратурах Европы и США.

Языки преподавания

Русский и английский