June 7, 2024

Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

This program provides knowledge of advanced mathematical methods in data science and artificial intelligence and develops abilities to build complex intelligent systems based on the critical and ethical use of data and mathematical models. The program focuses on fundamental mathematical methods for developing and applying artificial intelligence solutions, with the aim of broadening and deepening students’ mathematical competences in working with data and machine learning methods. Graduates will be able to develop advanced data science and artificial intelligence methods, create new data research models and apply them in various fields: business, scientific institutions and the public sector.

Funding opportunities

All international students automatically become candidates to receive the Scholarship for International Students, which is assigned for first-year Bachelor or Master students with strong academic records and motivation.

The residents of European Union countries and the global citizens of Lithuanian origin can apply for state-funded study places. This means that all the applicants, who fall into one of the aforementioned categories, will participate in the general admission’s competition for state-funded study places and get the chance to study free of charge, depending on their admission score.

Campus life

The main KTU Campus is within walking distance from the city centre. In the campus, university sports halls and courts, dormitories, shops and recreational areas are all nearby. KTU boasts the active student community, with 6 art societies and over 20 students’ organisations. Our students can choose from 100 weekly sports classes, and join one of 20 sports teams. All of this is free of charge.

Over 40 thousand students study in Kaunas, and of these, around 10% are international students. Lush parks, lively squares, cosy cafes and buzzing cultural life make Kaunas attractive not only as a travel destination but also as a place to live. In 2022, Kaunas will become a European Capital of Culture.

April 16, 2024

Economics and Data Analytics

Students of the programme learn to understand and analyse economic processes at all levels – from user behavior to global economic trends.


Get to know the study programme

Students of the programme learn to understand and analyse economic processes at all levels – from user behavior to global economic trends.

Prof. dr. Tadas Šarapovas. Head of Economics and Data Analytics programme

“Lecturers at ISM University share a common goal – to create value for students. Sincere collaboration and lecturers support create a special environment that encourages improvement. ISM University is also represented by exceptional students, who have their own attitude towards the world, who you not only teach but can also learn from.”

What can I be?

  • Economist
  • Risk Assessor
  • Data Analyst
  • IT Project Manager
  • Financial Analyst
  • Business Project Manager

Programme benefits

Integrative programme
  • You will combine economic knowledge with the latest information technology information.
Harvard methodology
  • A programming course developed according to the Harvard methodology.
Artificial Intelligence
  • Knowledge of machine learning and artificial intelligence.
International accreditation
  • The programme is recognized with international FIBAA accreditation.
April 16, 2024

Innovation and Technology Management

Reinvent yourself as a team manager with this unique programme! You will obtain a managerial skillset necessary to distinguish yourself from others and make positive changes in the world by driving innovation and sustainable business initiatives.


Programme benefits

Study tour in Japan
  • The program offers a unique opportunity to visit Nagoya University of Commerce and Business and companies such as Mitsubishi Aircraft or Toyota
For those seeking a career change
  • Thanks to the program, you will rediscover yourself as an innovative project, product, process or team manager
The program was developed in collaboration with experts from renowned universities
  • The program has been developed in collaboration with experts from prestigious universities in the USA, Belgium, Japan and Denmark
Latest news
  • You will learn to master artificial intelligence and create innovative products

Prof. Dr. Vida Škudienė. Innovation and Technology Management programme director

“By collaborating with leading innovative companies and world-known universities we offer today’s graduates a future-oriented education. Students of this programme can choose an elective course, during which they travel to Nagoya University of Commerce & Business (NUCB) and visit major international companies such as Mitsubishi Aircraft, Brother, Toyota, etc.”

In what areas will I gain expertise after completing this program?

  • You will gain the skills needed to manage projects and processes
  • You will be able to develop and implement sustainability strategies
  • You will strengthen your team leadership skills
  • You will gain the knowledge needed to implement innovative technological solutions in organizations
April 16, 2024

Business Management and Marketing

You will get a strong foundation in management, develop analytical skills and solve real problems faced by companies. You will delve into marketing, human resources, finance and processes.


Get to know the study programme

You will get a strong foundation in management, develop analytical skills and solve real problems faced by companies. You will delve into marketing, human resources, finance and processes.

Dr. Dominyka Venciūtė. Director of Business Management and Marketing Programme

“Choosing Business Management and Marketing programme will offer students different types of career opportunities after they graduate. You may choose a career in brand management, consumer research or advertising. Also, given that marketing is one of the core functions of every organisation, marketing professionals will be in demand.”

What can I be?

  • Head of Marketing
  • Sales Manager
  • Business Consultant
  • Social networking specialist
  • Project manager
  • Content Creator
  • Start your own business
  • Head of advertising creation

Programme benefits

Focus on Marketing
  • In this program, the main focus will be on marketing, so you will have all the opportunities to become an expert in this field.
Real problems of business enterprises
  • Harvard Business Review business cases are examined during the lecture.
Exceptional professors
  • Lectures are taught by strong academics and business practitioners.
Tangible benefits in reality
  • Consultations with the programme director Dominyka Venciūtė
December 14, 2023

Art Management

This study programme aims to train highly qualified specialists in art management capable of devising management strategies of art organisations, identifying and creatively solving management and marketing problems of art organisations, projects and initiatives, and carrying out collaborative art and business projects. The relevance of knowledge and abilities acquired in this programme is testified by its popularity among individuals working in the sphere of art and culture. They chose the programme because they felt the need to renew their professional knowledge and become acquainted with the latest research and progressive practices in the field of art management.

Why choose this programme?

  •  It is the only one of its kind in Lithuania that is based on the concept of art as a socio-economic phenomenon.
  • The study programme combines the principles of art management and marketing into a holistic unit and enhances the exceptional competencies of the students.
  • The programme’s scope includes professional practice; therefore, the modules are jointly taught by researchers / University lecturers and art professionals. Students can develop a Master’s thesis that covers a project they implemented themselves.

What comes after?

Graduates of the Art Management programme can:

  • occupy leading positions of different levels in private and public organisations engaged in creating, producing, disseminating and protecting art where a good understanding of the art sector and management competencies is required.
  • develop their own businesses as art project managers, organisers of events, art marketing specialists and consultants, artists’ agents, and art and business organisation liaisons.
December 14, 2023

Marketing Technologies

The study programme is aimed at preparing qualified information technology (IT) specialists who have fundamental knowledge in the areas of design and management of information systems and are able to create and implement electronic marketing solutions based on the application of information and communication technologies.

Vilnius University

Why choose this programme?

  • The interdisciplinary study programme combines knowledge of information technology and marketing.
  • The programme content includes knowledge of the MarTech industry, e-marketing, content marketing, technology innovation management, big data analytics, IoT, and digital brand management.
  • The theoretical and practical knowledge is provided in a balanced way, the programme provides the possibility to implement projects that comply with the Martech concept, develop the ability to identify consumer needs, effectively analyse data flows and solve challenges in the field of e-marketing.
  • The team of lecturers includes not only academics but also highly experienced social partners from IT and MarTech companies.
  • IT knowledge and skills are the basis for the MarTech sector’s “remote workplace” career opportunities around the world.

What comes after?

Graduates of the Marketing Technologies study programme will be qualified for jobs in:

  • managing digital information on the Internet,
  • managing mobile media and social networks,
  • analysing internet user data,
  • analysing and designing enterprise information systems,
  • creating and implementing efficient solutions in the areas of specialized internet advertising,
  • managing projects in large, medium and small enterprises and public enterprises,
  • developing innovative marketing models in startup companies.

They will be able to pursue a career in enterprises that operate:

  • in the areas of digital marketing,
  • Internet communication,
  • in electronic sales,
  • marketing departments,
  • advertising agencies,
  • news media and technology companies,
  • international internet content providers and distributors,
  • companies providing marketing analytics services.


December 14, 2023


The programme aims to prepare competent nurses with the knowledge, skills and abilities of nursing science and practice who can develop and improve professional, leadership, and teamwork competencies in pursuit of individual, family, community and public health. Upon completion of the four-year bachelor’s degree in nursing, graduates will obtain a university bachelor’s degree and a professional qualification as a general practice nurse.

Why choose this programme?

  • The programme incorporates the classical teaching model to ensure you develop a firm foundation in basic science before entering the clinical field.
  • A unique opportunity to practice in one of the six largest Lithuanian hospitals and benefit from early interaction with patients.
  • Integrated internships.

What comes after?

  • A graduate in nursing can work in hospitals, clinics, or private health care centres. They can also mentor nursing students or start their own practice within the laws of Lithuania.
  • Students with a bachelor’s degree can continue their studies in Lithuanian and foreign higher education institutions according to university second-cycle (master’s) study programs of the same study group.
April 26, 2023

GOvernance and Administration of Leisure and sports

Information about the GOvernance and Administration of Leisure and sports can be found on the programme website.

April 26, 2023

Project Management

The objective of the program is to prepare highly qualified project management professionals and leaders who possess competencies in project planning and implementation, attracting and effectively managing financial and human resources, ensuring project quality control, and managing risk. It also aims to develop leaders capable of implementing innovations in their work and engaging in research in the field of project management.

These second-level studies are developed in collaboration with partners such as the IT company “DXC Technology,” which shares its practical knowledge, insights, and experience from ongoing and completed projects, presenting their success stories and challenges. The Master’s program in Project Management provides an opportunity to enhance existing leadership and management skills for current organizational managers and leaders who have general management knowledge and experience but seek to learn and apply the latest trends in project management and effective management practices in contemporary technology and business domains. The study subjects are designed in accordance with the competencies outlined in PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge 6), PRINCE2, and AGILE, which are necessary for project managers working in the international market. Upon completion of the program, you will be prepared to obtain the PMI certification (PMP – Project Management Professional).

April 26, 2023

Digital Media Design

Digital Media Design is a transdisciplinary programme (specialty) that teaches the students high-level industry production skills fundamentally based on Coding, UI/UX Design, Creative Design Content Practices, 3D Modeling, Service Design, Design Entrepreneurship and implementation of different types of technologies. The learning goal of the program (specialty) is to build the fundamental competences for the creation of complex in Digital Media area. Students learn to make Interactive and Virtual Reality experiences that integrate Technologies, Design and Business, Mobile Applications for the creative content, games, websites and etc.

The learning goal of the programme (specialty) is to build the fundamental competences for the creation of complex in Digital Media area. Students learn to make Interactive and Virtual Reality experiences that integrate Technologies, Design and Business, Mobile Applications for the creative content, games, websites and etc.

Main Programme Features:

  • Visual (Content) Communication by implementing different informatics and technology based solution;
  • Service Design and Creative Design practices, its convergence with digitally developed contents by using technology means;
  • Game Development basing on the content and digital design solutions;
  • Digital Animation basing on the content and digital design solutions;
  • Design Entrepreneurship.