March 2, 2023


Kaunas University of Technology offers PhD positions for highly motivated doctoral (PhD) students.

Study programme consists of:
* Total mandatory: 240 ECTS (studies: ≥40 ECTS, Artistic-creative practise: ≥80 ECTS, Research: ≥80 ECTS)
* Art project (preparation and public defence)

* Doctor Europaeus certificate possibilities
* Architectual research in a high-profile research team
* Incentives and rewards for active KTU PhD students
* Academic mobility, internships abroad
* KTU International PhD Summer School for core competences

Scholarships & Funding:
* Lithuanian state scholarships (1st year of studies 1045 Eur/month, and 2nd-4th year of studies 1210 Eur/month)
* Additional scholarships for excellent results
* Grants for doctoral studies and research
* Grants for academic mobility

Tuition fee:

0 Eur/year (state-funded)


~11589 Eur/year (self-funded)

Contact us at KTU Doctoral School: phd@ktu.lt

February 28, 2023


Studies Area: Media Arts

Study Mode: full time studies, 3 years (6 semesters, 180 ECTS)

Language of Instruction: English

Delivered at: Faculty of Arts and Education

Qualification to be Awarded: Professional Bachelor in Arts

General description: The study programme of Photography aims to promote individual humanistic orientation, aesthetic perception, critical and creative thinking, social activity, freedom of communication and responsibility, develop the professional skills of a photography specialist based on traditional, alternative, and digital photography and innovations of professional activity in the various fields of application of the art of photography, and enhance the abilities necessary for organising photographer’s activities considering the changes in the environment and perceiving the importance of lifelong learning.

April 3, 2024

Architecture, History and Theory of Arts

Open application for a highly motivated doctoral candidate in History and Theory of Arts.

The doctoral candidate position is available in the Faculty of Architecture. Applicants interested in other research topics related to the History and Theory of Arts in Humanities are also welcome to apply.

Study Programme Structure

  • Independent research under supervision;
  • Courses for PhD students (approximately 30 ECTS credits);
  • Participation in international conferences and research networks, including an international internship at other, research institutions;
  • Presentation of research results in international scientific conferences and publications of scientific journals (WOS);
  • Teaching or another form of knowledge dissemination, which is related to the PhD topic when possible;
  • The completion of a PhD thesis.

Academic requirements

  • Postgraduate diploma (or higher);
  • The entry qualification documents are accepted in the following languages: English;
  • You must take verified copies of the entry qualification documents along with you when you finally go to the university.

Scholarships and Funding

  • The state-funding or self-funded studies are available;
  • Lithuanian state scholarships for 1st year of studies 1045Eur/month, and 2nd-4th year of studies 1210 Eur/month);
  • Grants for doctoral studies and research;
  • Grants for international academic mobility.

Annual Tuition Fee

  • full-time studies – 11 837,00  (4-year);
  • part-time studies – 7 891,00  (6-year).

More information: https://vilniustech.lt/doctoralstudies/en

GET IN TOUCH at VILNIUS TECH Doctoral School: phd@vilniustech.lt

June 30, 2021

Video Production and Media

The objective of this study programme is to prepare video creators who will independently and in groups create media products using up-to-date video production principles and new media technologies as well as who will work in an innovative and responsible way in the local and international markets of audiovisual industries.

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April 7, 2021

Визуальный дизайн

О программе

  • Исследование культурной среды и создание дизайн-проектов в Вильнюсе, Флоренции, Санкт-Петербурге, Афинах;
  • Уникальный учебный план и возможность формирования индивидуальных траекторий;
  • Проектный подход к обучению, подготовка собственных ежегодных проектов и формирование творческого портфолио;
  • Практика в анимационных студиях и дизайн-агентствах Литвы и других стран ЕС;
  • Мастер-классы под руководством профессионалов из Эстонии, Франции, Португалии, России, Литвы.

Карьерные возможности

  • Дизайнер, web-дизайнер, TV-дизайнер;
  • Художник-иллюстратор электронных и бумажных изданий;
  • Художник-аниматор 2D и 3D, 3D-художник;
  • Дизайнер интерфейсов приложений и игр;
  • Художник по концепту;
  • Арт-директор;
  • Возможность продолжения обучения в магистратурах Европы и США.

Языки преподавания

Русский и английский

April 6, 2021

Визуальная пластика

О программе

  • Знакомство с современными междисциплинарными практиками визуальных исследований
  • Изучение экспериментальных и новаторских техник в мастер-классах специалистов из Беларуси, Литвы, Франции, Эстонии, Португалии, Израиля;
  • Практические визуальные исследования в полевых школах в Вильнюсе, Санкт-Петербурге, Флоренции и Афинах;
  • Формирование творческого метода через индивидуальные проекты.

Карьерные возможности

  • Арт-директор;
  • Медиа-художник;
  • Режиссёр анимационных проектов;
  • Художник арт-концепта проекта;
  • Докторант в университетах Европы и США.

Языки преподавания

Русский и английский

March 30, 2021

Театральное искусство и актёрская игра

  • Программа, созданная при сотрудничестве с Русским драматическим театром Литвы;
  • Не имеющее аналогов сочетание русской и европейской театральной школы, их традиций и инноваций;
  • Целостный подход в освоении студентами профессиональных навыков актёрского мастерства под руководством выдающихся актёров, драматургов и режиссёров из Литвы, Беларуси и России.

Карьерные возможности:

  • Работа актёром в театре и кино;
  • Подготовка авторских театральных проектов и перфомансов;
  • Полученная квалификация является прочной основой для карьерного роста и продолжения образования в магистратурах Европы и США по широкому спектру направлений (в том числе, режиссура, драматургия, критика)

Язык преподавания


August 13, 2020

Music Studies (in Vilnius)

Music Studies is a study programme with the aim to train a music professional possessing knowledge of and skills in music history, music theory, and music technologies, as well as creative and organisational knowledge and skills, who is able to initiate, create, implement, analyse, and assess music/art projects in a variety of professional contexts.

The study programme is characterised by opportunities for the student to shape the content of their studies by choosing the subjects or their alternatives that meet the student’s needs. Also, student internationalisation is encouraged through participation in exchange programmes and studying at host institutions

Graduates are able to work in a range of cultural and educational institutions in Lithuania and abroad; initiate and carry out national and international cultural and art projects; express themselves independently in creative, artistic, scientific research and professional activities









Specializations: Electronic Music, Composition.

August 13, 2020

Music Performance (in Vilnius and Klaipėda)

The aim of  Music Performance study programme is to train a professional musician of the chosen specialisation, able to prepare and publicly perform works of various styles and genres as solo pieces or ensembles and/or orchestras of various compositions, who knows the musical repertoire of the chosen specialisation from historical and theoretical points of view and is able to communicate and cooperate as well as to develop concert activity.

The Music Performance programme is based on historically-formed music performers’ training tradition that is recognised internationally. The universal character of artistic and professional skills acquired by graduates of the LMTA Music Performance programme is confirmed by the fact that they successfully pursue their careers not only in Lithuania but also in orchestras, music theatres and other professional organisations abroad, perform concerts worldwide and successfully work as music teachers.

Specialisations in Vilnius – Accordion, Choral Conducting, Vocal Performance, Jazz, Wind Orchestra Conducting, Symphony Orchestra Conducting, Harpsichord, Lithuanian Folk Instruments, String Instruments, Wind and Percussion Instruments, Organ.

Specialisations in Klaipėda – Choral Conducting and Organ Studies, Jazz and Popular Music, Musical, String Instruments (Guitar).


August 13, 2020

Composition (in Vilnius)

The aim of Composition study programme is to train a highly qualified composer of academic composition or digital technologies (electronic music) who knows the theory and practice of composition, the basics of artistic research, has very good skills in instrumentation, electronic and computer music creation and is able to professionally implement instrumental and /or electronic music-related creative projects, continuously improve themselves and study individually.

Graduates are able to work in the field of creative and artistic research in cultural, music education, science, concert and other institutions related to artistic activities, in the fields of culture and music industry (advertising, sound recordings, etc.) and other creative organisations, and participate in art projects and perform other work requiring the competences of a composer.

Specialization: Academic Composition, Digital Technologies.

Entry Requirements

More information