August 26, 2018

Utenos kolegija/ University of Applied Sciences

Utena University of Applied Sciences is a modern, student-oriented, state higher education institution offering higher college studies directed towards practical activity, applied researches and professional activities.
On completion of the study, the graduates are awarded the Professional Bachelor’s qualification degree, diploma of Higher education and Diploma Supplement. The great cooperation between higher education institutions in Great Britain, Bulgaria and Latvia provide students with the opportunity to graduate with two or three degrees.  The cooperation between institutions gives the students the opportunity to continue their studies in Master programmes.
Today the institution offers 21 study programs and 9 of them are based on modular study system with Problem- Based Learning approach. Study programmes are accredited by the national and international experts, theoretical knowledge and practical skills are transferred to the students by excellent professors, associated professors and professionals-practitioners have acquired deep theoretical and practical experience. Very often, some of the subjects are taught by guest lecturers from the most prestigious European universities. The career-focused studies executed under the demand of worldwide labour market. Internships are an integral part of the education.
Internalisation is one of the most important priorities of the institution and over years we have built a large network of academic partners and enterprises from around the world. Utena University of Applied Sciences is awarded by European Quality Award, has Erasmus Charter of Higher Education, Students have possibilities to participate in various international exchange programmes, international projects. Our institution welcomes full- time students from Armenia, Latvia, Nigeria, Nepal, Ukraine, Turkey and other countries.
Students work and study in a modern environment with well- equipped computer labs and wireless Internet connection everywhere in the buildings. We have excellent material resources, including the advanced conference and educational halls, the Centre of E-Learning, a library with access to leading e-libraries and databases. Students have good conditions for self-expression; they are actively involved in cultural and sports activities.



August 26, 2018

Vilniaus kolegija / Higher Education Institution

Vilniaus kolegija / Higher Education Institution (VIKO) is a leading and the largest accredited public higher professional education institution in Lithuania with more than 6000 students and 500 qualified educators. High enrolment rates and top places on the rankings reflect the prestige of the institution. VIKO graduates are highly sought after by employers.

VIKO provides 40 Professional Bachelor study programmes in 7 Faculties in the sectors of Tourism, Business, Information Technologies, Electronics, Education, Economics and Finance, Health Care, Agriculture and Arts. 8 study programmes are offered both in Lithuanian and English. Studies at VIKO are orientated to practical application of knowledge. Therefore, compared to university studies, more attention is paid to practical training, closer contacts with the real work.

VIKO maintains good contacts with the social partners and universities. VIKO is a member of a number of national and international professional associations and networks.

Internationalisation is one of VIKO’s priority areas that is why all the faculties are actively involved in various projects. We aim at promoting all possible mobilities providing students with the best opportunities to study at foreign education institutions and finding placements in companies abroad, as well as opening prospects for teachers to enhance their competence through staff trainings and international research projects, to exchange knowledge and experience with colleagues from different countries. Every year more than 200 students spend their international semesters studying or having placements abroad.

VIKO is spread in several campuses all over the city, offering its students good facilities for studies, free time and accommodation. International students are invited to stay at a renovated, well-equipped hostel.

You are welcome to come and study at VIKO, located in the capital city of Lithuania with the Old Town being UNESCO World Heritage Centre!

August 26, 2018

Kauno kolegija Higher Education Institution

Kauno kolegija is a large and constantly evolving accredited public higher education institution in Lithuania. Being a multidisciplinary university of applied sciences, it offers a wide spectrum of bachelor study programmes with practical bias. We are committed to educate highly qualified specialists in different fields. Facts & figures:

  • ~5500 students
  • ~600 academic staff members
  • Over 250 foreign partners
  • Courses are arranged both remotely and, in the classrooms
  • Top positions held in ratings of Lithuanian higher education institutions
  • Great opportunities to participate in international student exchange programmes
  • The students may be awarded with Double Degree


More about studies, fees, application and documents needed: https://www.kaunokolegija.lt/en/application/.

August 26, 2018

Šiaulių valstybinė kolegija / Higher Education Institution

Šiaulių valstybinė kolegija / Higher Education Institution is the only state higher educational institution in Šiauliai county that provides higher college education.

About us

The institution started its operation in 2002, by the order of the Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Lithuania to merge Šiauliai Higher School of Medicine and Šiauliai Higher Technical School.

These higher schools in Šiauliai had their history. During 1946-1991 there was a Nursing School in the town which in 1991 became a High School of Medicine. From 1961 to 1991, there was Polytechnic School in Šiauliai, which in 1991 became Higher Technical School.

In 2002 Šiauliai Higher Technical School became the Faculty of Business and Technology of Šiauliai College and Šiauliai Higher School of Medicine – Faculty of Health Care of Šiauliai College. From 2002 to 2003 Šiauliai College offered ten higher education non-university study programs. Throughout the entire life of the College, the number of study programmes has almost tripled, corresponding to labour market needs.

Šiauliai State College has proved that during more than ten years of its activity, it has been acknowledged to be a Higher School with qualified studies. The studies are practice-orientated; College created a modern and democratic environment for students and staff. The institution offers more than 20 study programmes. The programmes include biomedical, social and technological fields. The needs of the labour market indicated such a spectrum of study programmes.

Šiaulių valstybinė kolegija / Higher Educational Institution offers in 2024

For citizens from foreign countries Šiaulių valstybinė kolegija / Higher Education Institution offers these study programmes for admission in 2024:
International Business (English / Russian)
Construction (Russian)
General Practice Nursing (English / Russian)
Šiauliai State College. Central building.

More information: https://svako.lt/en 

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August 26, 2018

ALYTAUS KOLEGIJA/University of Applied Sciences

ALYTAUS KOLEGIJA/University of Applied Sciences with its modern and focused on practical aspects higher education is training highly qualified specialists for the changing society, striving to meet the needs of labour market.

11 internationally accredited higher education study programmes, 5 of them – in the English language, with excellent standards of studies, integrating international, intercultural and global dimensions, offer Professional Bachelor’s degree. The study programmes which concentrate on competence – based and professionally oriented studies are implemented in the fields of Business and Public Management, Informatics, Engineering, Technologies and Health Sciences. 

Why ALYTAUS KOLEGIJA/University of Applied Sciences?

  • Flexible and practically focused studies, internationalized curriculum
  • Broad and rich range and content of courses
  • Professional integration and career prospects, being competitive in global market
  • Trust of companies offering placements and jobs, know-how establishing own businesses
  • Personal attitude to each student
  • Mobility under Erasmus+ programme pursuing for international experience and understanding
  • International study environment
  • International visiting staff
  • International applied research cooperation and networking
  • Excellent accommodation facilities
August 26, 2018

Klaipėdos valstybinė kolegija / Higher Education Institution

Why study at Klaipėdos valstybinė kolegija?

  • It is the third-largest Higher Education Institution in Lithuania that provides professional Bachelor degree studies,
  • The studies are practice oriented – students are able to successfully apply their knowledge in a real working environment,
  • Internationally recognized diplomas,
  • Opportunity to combine studies with work,
  • Affordable living and great value for money,
  • Paid exchange semester abroad,
  • Paid internship abroad,
  • Located in a cozy city Klaipeda with a beautiful seaside,
  • More than 800 companies with international career opportunities are directly involved in the activities of Klaipeda port,
  • Awarded with the 2nd place in terms of international competition of Lithuanian HEI which provides professional Bachelor degrees,
  • Studies last only 3 years (excluding General Practice Nursing 3,5 years),
  • If you have studied at another higher education institution, part of the credits may be recognized,
  • There are sport halls in the faculties, a gym in the dormitory, and a stadium. Lots of discounts are offered for students,
  • Students can be involved in various activities organized by Students Council or Erasmus Student Network mates.

Klaipėdos valstybinė koelgija / Higher Education Institution (KVK) is the third-largest university of applied sciences in Lithuania with strong academic reputation. The initial target of the KVK is an ensuring of high quality of academic teaching and research facilities. KVK focuses on study programs that lead to a profession. The graduates of KVK gain professional Bachelor degree. The studies are practice orientated; students are able to successfully apply their knowledge in a real working environment.

KVK is ternary – consists of three faculties: Business, Technologies and Health Sciences. A variety of scientific research as well as different projects and consulting activities are executed here. Also plenty of contracted research on a ground of technologies, biomedicine, physical, social, humanitarian, arts are administrated.

The Faculty of Business offers study programmes in accounting, finance, administration of institutions, companies and tourism; logistics, business, wellness management; as well as pre-primary and pre-school pedagogy. There are 899 students studying there.

The Faculty of Technologies provides programmes in different technical professions such as construction, mechanical engineering, geodesy, informatics and informatics engineering, food technology and dietetics, transport logistics technologies, electric and automatic equipment and technical maintenance of automobile. There are 1042 students in this Faculty.

In the Faculty of Health Sciences students can choose general practice nursing, beauty therapy, physiotherapy, dental hygiene, dental assistant as well as social work for their studies. There are 1055 students here.

There are four business practical learning enterprises (BPLE) in KVK where an activity of Business Company can be simulated. There are four typical departments: personnel, purchase, sales and marketing, finance and accounting in a BPLE. Everything is  “real” in a BPLE (financial documents, agreements, tax tariffs, applying legal acts, currency exchange rates etc.).

KVK is equipped with modern laboratories, libraries and other fitment.

KVK collaborates with number of educational institutions in different countries. It has an Erasmus University Charter (EUC) and is an active participant in the ERASMUS+.



  • It is a non-profit seeking organization that has a status of a legal body, own management and a bank account;
  • It helps to maintain relationships with other colleges and universities;
  • It is a member of Lithuanian Student Council;
  • It helps to solve students’ problems and questions, participates in community meetings;
  • More information on: www.kvksa.lt



ESN KUK is a part of the biggest student association in Europe called Erasmus Student Network which is present in more than 521 Higher Education Institutions in 41 Countries.

ESN goals are:

  • to create the environment for personal improvement based on the principle “students helping students”;
  • improve the social and cultural integration of international students;
  • promote students’ mobility and its accesibility;
  • help students’ reintegration into community after their studies abroad;
  • promote voluntary activities and active public spirit;
  • More information on: www.esn.org or kuk@esnlithuania.org
August 26, 2018

Vilnius Business College / University of Applied Sciences

Vilnius Business College (VBC) is an accredited higher education institution that provides professional bachelor’s degree in the fields of social sciences, physical sciences and humanities.

VBC has professional teachers from Lithuania and abroad, many of which are practitioners. All lecturers have Master‘s or higher degree, some of them are doctors in different fields and have pedagogical or professor ranks.

Famous for its modern and unique design, Vilnius Business College offers study programmes taught in English (3-year full-time studies):

  • Business Management and Marketing
  • Digital Business
  • Game Development
  • Programming and Internet Technologies 
  • Academic English Preparatory Programme

For the past few years, Vilnius Business College was ranked No. 1 among Lithuanian non-state colleges, receiving the highest scores in one of the most important criteria of the rankings “added value of alumni and assessment of employers“. This once again confirms that VBC students are in great demand in the labour market. Some of the graduates create and develop their own businesses while others continue their studies at local and foreign universities or colleges.

9 out of 10 students recommend Vilnius Business College.

Our motto is OPPORTUNITIES LEADING TO SUCCESS. We organize studies in small groups, so individual communication with lecturers is guaranteed. The College has computer labs, a library, a modern e-learning environment, simulation games and wireless internet throughout the premises. Alongside English and Russian languages, we also offer a possibility to study and improve German, Spanish, French, or Swedish at our College.

Our Communication and International Relations Office has built a wide network of foreign partners, which helps to promote VBC’s name in the international education market. The college is actively involved in a variety of international projects, exchange programmes, international science and research activities.

August 26, 2018

SMK College of Applied Sciences

SMK College of Applied Sciences in Lithuania offers high-quality education through a variety of study programmes that enriches students with up-to-date knowledge and enables them to succeed in the global market.

Our key mission is to prepare future leaders and responsible citizens who have global views and professional competencies, which fit the requirements of the future job market. The studies are focused on the formation of practical skills relevant to the promising and growing fields of business and technologies.

Established in 1994, SMK College of Applied Sciences in Lithuania educates leaders who will accept responsibility and make positive contributions to an increasingly interdependent and multicultural world. Through a variety of study programmes at our university we are fulfilling our key mission – to prepare future leaders and responsible global citizens.

Facts about SMK:

  • SMK operates in three Lithuanian cities: the port city of Klaipeda, the second-largest city Kaunas, and Vilnius – the capital of Lithuania (where all the international study programmes are held);
  • 30 years of experience in education;
  • SMK is awarded the DS Label by the European Commission;
  • SMK is the largest private college in Lithuania by number of students;
  • ERASMUS + student exchange opportunities;
  • 100 international cooperation agreements from 25 countries;
  • Great employment opportunities for the graduates (90% employability rate after graduation);
  • Innovations;
  • Modern studying facilities;
  • Active students’ life;
  • Contemporary teaching methods (experiential learning).

Study Programmes

SMK College of Applied Sciences offers a range of study programs in English – discover the one that fits you best. SMK is a dynamic and innovative institution that focuses on a high-quality undergraduate education with an emphasis on professional skills, applied sciences, and professional competencies.

  • International Business
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Tourism and Recreation
  • Digital Communication
  • Finances and Investment Management
  • Programming and Multimedia
  • Video Production and Media
  • Design
  • General Practice Nursing
  • Aesthetic Cosmetology

Certificate Programme:

  • English Foundation

Admission Dates and Terms

Fall semester admission starts on January 2. The semester commences on September 1


July 15 – For Applicants from non-EU/EFTA Countries

August 1 For Applicants from EU Countries and for non-EU/EFTA Countries with Lithuanian Embassies

Spring semester admission starts on September 1. The semester commences on February 1.


December 15 – For Applicants from non-EU/EFTA Countries

January 10For Applicants from EU Countries and for non-EU/EFTA Countries with Lithuanian Embassies


Great careers start here!

August 26, 2018

Lithuanian Maritime Academy

Lithuanian Maritime Academy (LMA) is a public institution of higher education training highly qualified seafarers and specialists for the maritime industry.

LMA vision – a modern higher education institution, the Lithuanian leader in the field of seafarers’ and maritime business specialists’ education.

LMA mission:

  • To provide higher college education, preparing highly qualified professionals that are able to work in international environment under the conditions of rapid change of technologies for marine, river, navy fleet and port;
  • To develop applied scientific research and consultation activities necessary for Lithuanian maritime sector, provide qualification improvement services;
  • To spread the idea of Lithuania as a maritime state, to propagate marine occupations;
  • To create modern base for studies, corresponding to the international requirements, to develop new marine technologies; to train and educate citizens, being able to successfully act in various fields of public activities.
August 26, 2018

Lithuania Business University of Applied Sciences


Lithuania Business University of Applied Sciences (LBUAS) started its activities in 1994. It is a modern open to society and integrating into the education system of Lithuania and Europe higher no university education institution, which’s all the activities are oriented to profesional studies. It creates conditions for getting higher education and professional education. LBUAS offers of higher non-university education ensuring a possibility to get general and professional competency.

LBUAS is taking an active part in international programs and projects. European Committee has empowered LBUAS to participate in Erasmus students and teachers mobility program in 2007-2013. LBUAS has a lot of partners’ institutions in Europe. LBUAS is a member of Lithuania business employer confederation, Lithuania Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Crafts association, Quality management and etc.

LBUAS is settled in Klaipeda old town. Students have possibility to study in full-time and part-time studies. LBUAS is well equipped with modern teaching facilities as multimedia projectors, computers and etc. All students can use the library, computer reading room, copying and printing services on they convenient time. LBUAS creates good conditions for receiving teaching literature and the latest publications..

Study conditions

Duration of undergraduate studies are 3 years (180 credits). Unit of a study volume is academic (study) credit. One credit equals 30 hours of study time. 30 hours include classroom work and time used for independent work. One credit eguals one 30-hour workweek. One semester consists of 20 weeks (16 weeks of lecturing session and 4 weeks of examination session) thus student’s workload per semester makes up 20 credits.
Academic year consists of two – autumn and spring – semesters. Each semester ends with an examination session. Academic year starts September 1st.

Lithuanian Business University of Applied Sciences invites you to choose online courses. Learn and improve yourself where you are! You can freely choose which modules you want to listen to and their number. After listening to the module and passing its exam, an academic certificate confirming this will be issued. You will be able to submit your academic certificate when enrolling in the desired higher education institution and credit the modules you have taken will be included.

We offer studies in  Vilnius and Klaipėda

Visit us online https://ltvk.lt/en/home-page/