November 29, 2022

Want to start KTU in February 2023? Apply today!

Thinking about studying in Northern Europe? Aiming for science-based education in one of the best universities in the region? Now is the perfect time to finalise your decision, while admissions to Kaunas University of Technology spring semester are still open. Choose your study programme and apply until December 15, 2022.

“For me, KTU is 10 out of 10, it’s a definite YES! The university has given me no reason to say I don’t like it. When I compare studying at KTU with other universities (I have heard about this from my friends back home, from Erasmus students coming from Poland, Italy, and other countries), I can definitely say – if you want to be in the field, do the real thing, you need to come here,” says Alejandra Gutierrez Luna, a second-year master’s student in architecture.

She is fascinated by the teaching methods and the possibilities offered to students at KTU.

“We use many different programmes and design everything digitally. It’s a great advantage not only because you can do the work faster but also because 3D digital modelling allows you to see the space. For me, it’s important to be exposed to these technologies while I am still studying – in the end, we will be all working with them,” says the future architect.

2023 is the best year to start your studies at Kaunas University of Technology for more than one reason. Firstly, at KTU, world-class education is available at a fraction of the price: check it yourself. Secondly, Kaunas is the ultimate student city in Lithuania; more than 35 thousand of them are studying in the universities and colleges here. Thirdly, Kaunas is in a perfect geographical location – in the middle of Lithuania, a 2-hour car drive from the seaside and a 1-hour train drive from the capital, Vilnius. Kaunas is green, bicycle and walker-friendly, and full of culture.

There are 10 bachelor’s and 18 master’s programmes open for the spring intake at KTU. Check all of them here.

Apply by December 15 and start your studies in February 2023.